Vogel’s What do you bring

Goodman Fielder in New Zealand is running “What Do You Bring?”, a new brand platform for the iconic Vogel’s bread, celebrating the uniqueness of Kiwis, and of the bread they love. The idea centres around the true life stories of eight Kiwis that all bring something special to the table. None of them had met and all of them were kept in the dark about the project, not knowing anything about what they were doing and what they were there. Only knowing they were doing a commercial with Vogel’s, and they would tell their individual stories. On July 1, the group was seated at a table together, broke bread and told each other their personal stories. As they did so, the group came together in laughter and respect, connecting with each other in the unique way Kiwis do. It’s a simple but powerful observation, and celebration of the fabric of this modern New Zealand. The campaign includes a three minute launch spot, 60 and second edits, online content at vogels.co.nz/what-do-you-bring, outdoor, POS, social, and digital advertising.

Vogel's What Do You Bring - faces

In the campaign we meet Heta, a father who raised three girls alone, Jeremy, a streaker who eluded capture, Charlotte, a young woman who taught kids in an Iraqi war-zone, Lidu, a New Zealander of Chinese descent who speaks fluent Te Reo Maori even with English as a second language, Suresh, a pharmacist born in Kenya who has lived in New Zealand for 25 years who can name every All Black since 1987, Mary, the longest serving extra on Shortland St, Kayla, a woman for whom sign language was her first language even though she isn’t deaf, and Susi Newborn, a woman who stood between a harpoon and a whale – and bought, named, and crewed the original Rainbow Warrior.

Behind the Vogel’s What Do You Bring campaign

Says Rachel Ellerm, GM marketing at Goodman Fielder: “Vogel’s has been part of New Zealand for 50 years and over that time our country has changed a lot. But we think there’s one thing that’s always lay at the heart of our success as a nation; diversity and uniqueness. Every Kiwi, no matter who they are brings something special to the table and we want to celebrate that.”

Said Chris Schofield, executive creative director, Shine: “Vogel’s is a truly iconic Kiwi brand. One of those brands you work on and you immediately feel the responsibility of doing work that lives up to its history. It’s been a true collaboration with the team at Goodman Fielder. From the writing of the initial concept to the final edits. We’ve lived in each others’ pockets for months to get this right. We’re stoked to have made a campaign that feels so right for Vogel’s – one that celebrates the uniqueness of the place it has in the hearts of Kiwis everywhere.”

Curious Films director Oliver Green talks about the process of making an ad using real people without making “a done to death ‘real-people’ ad.”

Says Green: “The ad hinges on the folks round the table. So casting was more like researching a novel than making a commercial. We saw hundreds of people and heard some amazing stories to get to our eight breakfast guests. From there it was just about letting the stories unfold without hassling the moments too much. We weren’t just aiming for sound bites. We wanted authentic people’s experiences and a shot at putting some truth in a piece of advertising.”

Vogel's what do you bring site

Vogel’s What Do You Bring Credits

The Vogel’s What Do You Bring campaign was developed at Shine Ltd by executive creative director Chris Schofield, creatives Billy McQueen, Martin Brown, Matt Simpkins​, agency producer Nick Barnes, head of planning Andy McLeish, managing director Simon Curran, account team Olivia Baloghy, Lily-rose Dyer, Tim Ellis, working with Goodman Fielder head of marketing Rachel Ellerm, marketing team Jo Sutherland, Andrew Fenwick, Meghan Blair, Kate Swan.

Filming was shot by director Oliver Green via Curious Film with producer Stu Giles, editors Jonathan Venz and Ben Chesters.

Sound was produced at Liquid Studios.

Music is “Not Given Lightly”, by Chris Knox (Flying Nun and Mushroom Publishing), supervised by Aeroplane Music.

Media was handled by Ikon Communications.