Snickers Live at Super Bowl with Adam Driver

Mars connected the “Not yourself when you’re hungry” theme with Snickers Live, a Super Bowl advertising campaign featuring actor Adam Driver. Adam known for his role as Star Wars villain Kylo Ren, was the lead character in a Western commercial that went wrong. “Hunger was the root cause of an off-the-field fumble during the Snickers live Super Bowl LI commercial last night as Adam Driver missed his mark to begin the spot. The mishap demonstrated once more the effects of what can happen when you’re hungry and off your game.”

Snickers Live Adam Driver commercial

The Snickers Live Buildup

The Snickers Live Super Bowl ad was heralded with a series of curtain openers, with more and more detail on the Showdown, pointing to Adam Driver, other less known actors, and stunt horses. Short casting videos feature a horse and a dead cowboy. The Snickers Live campaign had a 36 hour live stream countdown, with appearances from Adam Driver, Betty White, Tyler Oakley, Kandee Johnson and many more.

The Snickers Live Apology

Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Snickers brand director said, “Just as life often imitates art, hunger got the best of Adam Driver. We recognize the Snickers Live Super Bowl Commercial did not go as planned, so we’re issuing a buy one get one free offer for regular Snickers or Snickers Crisper bars at retailers nationwide to help fans prevent hunger mishaps of their own.” Adam provided his own apology…

Snickers Live Credits

The Snickers Live campaign was developed at BBDO New York by chief creative officers David Lubars and Greg Hahn, executive creative directors Gianfranco Arena, Peter Kain, creative directors Scott Mahoney and Dan Oliva, head of TV production Devon Clark, music producer Melissa Chester, planner Sean Stogner, director of integrated production David Rolfe, executive director Amy Wertheimer, planning director Annemarie Norris, group account director Susannah Keller, account manager Blake Maraoui, account directors Lisa Piliguian and Tani Corbacho, account executive Dance Fields, and president Kirsten Flanik.

Filming was shot by director Jim Jenkins via O Positive with director of photography Mauro Fiore, executive producers Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill, and producer Blake Morrison.

Editor was Geoff Hounsell at Arcade Edit with executive producer Crissy DeSimone, head of production Kirsten Thon-Webb, senior producer Adam Becht, assistant editors Laura Sanford and Tessa Malsam, managing partner Damian Stevens.

Post production was produced at Squad 47 by executive producer Steve Greenstein.

Sound was designed at One Thousand Birds by producers Andres Velasquez + Andrew Tracy. Music was produced at Emoto by composer John Adair, producers Paul Schultz and Laura Dopp.