Burger King Burning Stores

Burger King’s Burning Stores campaign in Argentina has won a Yellow Pencil at the D&AD Awards. Since opening in 1954 Burger King has cooked their burgers one way and one way only; by flame-grilling them. They needed a simple way to show this. Agency research found that since 1954 more Burger King restaurants have burned down than any other fast-food chain. Since Burger King proudly flame-grills all of their burgers, David Miami ran images of these fires under the tag-line “Flame-grilled since 1954”. Three Burger King Burning Stores print ads feature photographs of firefighters attending burning stores in Albany, Oregon, East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, and a US military base at Aviano, Italy. The campaign ran as full page newspaper spreads in El Puntal de Villa María, in Córdoba, Argentina.

Burger King Burning Stores - Oregon

Burger King Burning Stores - Pennsylvania
Burger King Burning Stores - Italy

Burger King Burning Stores Credits

The Burger King Burning Stores campaign was developed at David, Miami, by executive creative director Anselmo Ramos, creative director Russell Dodson, associate creative directors Jason Wolske and Danny Alvarez, art director Curtis Caja, copywriter Ian Holmes, design director Carlos Lange, planner Jon Carlaw, head of global production Veronica Beach, producer Carlos Torres, associate producer Marina Rodrigues, account head Paulo Fogaca, senior account director Carmen Rodriguez, account director Lucila Mengide, account supervisor Rafael Giorgino, and senior business affairs manager Barbara Karalis.

Photography was by Kirk Neydemeyer (Pennsylvania, USA), Mark Ylen (Oregon, USA) and Tony Kalathara (Aviano, Italy).