ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas with Tinkletons

ALDI Australia is running an integrated advertising campaign connecting the down-under Christmas experience with Aldi’s luxury range of delicious tiger prawns, garlic butter lobster tails, half leg hams, fudge and much, much more. The ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas theme, launched in 2012 with the Surfing Santas, has been brought back to the fore with the arrival of the Tinkletons, a family surf per enthusiastic Americans who are convinced that their Christmas is better than the Aussie experience. The campaign is a combination of long form and series of retail TV ads supported by social content, print, radio, display advertising, OOH, POS and Aldi catalogues.

ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas Tinkletons

BMF managing director Steve McArdle says when the team presented an idea for Christmas (in April) that was best described as Glee meets The Griswalds, yet unmistakably ‘Aldi’, he thought Christmas had come early.

The brand says every December, Aussies are force-fed cheesy American white Christmas movies; they sing carols about sleigh-bells and snow and don Santa’s red jacket, white beard and big black boots, even though the mercury is sliding up to 40 degrees. And if that’s not enough, people from the North who have settled in Australia, constantly whinge that Christmas Down Under doesn’t feel like ‘real’ Christmas. Bah Humbug.

BMF creative director Alex Derwin says: “To an outsider, an Aussie Christmas feels weird and wrong, but when you get used to the sunburn and speedos you realise just how special it is. It’s an insight we’ve used before, but this year we’ve put it on steroids. The Tinkletons are a device that allow us to show the ‘Perfect Aussie Christmas’ through a new lens. An all-singing and dancing, theatrical new lens.”

ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas Credits

The 2016 ALDI Perfect Aussie Christmas campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Cam Blackley, creative director Alex Derwin, creative team Hans Christian Berents, Gooch Richards, Rosita Rawnsley-Mason, Lucy Chappell and Ben Pearce, designer Matthew Hughes, photographer Gavin Johns, head of planning Hugh Munro, managing director Stephen McArdle, agency producer Jenny Lee-Archer, art buyer Basir Salleh, group account director Toby Hussey, senior account directors Aisling Colley, Peitra Withaar, account executive Kellie Box, working with ALDI Australia marketing director Sam Viney, marketing manager Kylie Warnke, and marketing assistant Katherine Franulovich.

Media was handled at Maxus.

Filming was shot by director Nick Ball via Finch with director of photography Lachlan Milne, producer Camilla Mazzaferro, executive producer Corey Esse, production designer Neville Stevenson and production manager Amanda Yu.

Post Production and VFX were produced at The Refinery, with producer Drew Downes. Editor was Jack Hutchings at The Butchery.

Sound and music were produced at Rumble Studios.