Nationwide for Invisible Mindy Kaling

Nationwide, the US insurance company, ran an integrated advertising campaign associated with the 2015 Super Bowl, featuring actress, writer and producer Mindy Kaling. The campaign, including teasers, the Super Bowl spot “Invisible” and a range of online engagements, explores the company’s commitment to treating customers with quality care and service. In “Invisible”, After years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to Mindy Kaling she might actually BE invisible. She eats food from a stranger’s plate at an outdoor café, sunbathes nude in a park, helps herself to a bucket of ice cream as she strolls through a supermarket aisle and walks through an automated carwash. Against strains of the Roy Orbison song “Oh, Pretty Woman,” the narrator ends the teaser with “But Mindy was actually not invisible.”

Nationwide Invisible Mindy Kaling on street

“We’ve all been in situations where, as a customer, you feel like you are not being treated like a priority, when you should really expect quality care and service,” said Matt Jauchius, Nationwide’s chief marketing officer. “Our Super Bowl spot fuses Mindy’s unique humor with our brand to highlight how you can expect to be treated differently with Nationwide, because our members are at the center of everything we do.”

Nationwide Invisible Mindy Kaling sunbathes nude
Nationwide Invisible Mindy Kaling eats ice cream
Nationwide Invisible Mindy Kaling in carwash
Nationwide Invisible Mindy Kaling site
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The Nationwide for Invisible Mindy Kaling campaign was developed at McKinney by creative directors Liz Paradise, Owen Tingle and Will Chambliss, associate creative director/art director Jordan Eakin, copywriter David Sloan and agency producer Naomi Newman.

Filming was shot by director Doug Liman via Independent Media with director of photography Lawrence Sher, executive producer Susanne Preissler and producer Marc Siegel.

Editor was Saar Klein at Lost Planet.

Post production was done at The Mill by VFX producer Dan Love, executive producer Melanie Wickham, shoot supervisor Ilia Mokhtareizadeh, 2D lead artist Keith Sullivan and colourist Fergus McCall.