Diesel Pantsula vs. Puppets

Diesel + Edun celebrate their new denim collection born in Africa with “Pantsula vs. Puppets”, a dance and puppetry performance filmed in Soweto. The Real Action Dance Crew groove to “Ndekha”, a track by The Very Best & Moroka.

Diesel Pantsula vs Puppets

Using raw, untreated denim, the DIESEL+EDUN collection was built around a reinterpretation of the four-pocket jean of the 1970s popular on the streets of South Africa. Malian textile prints are echoed in the denim lining and across the jersey pieces in the collection. Embroidery details reference traditional Zulu weaving patterns, while the dresses feature Kenyan metalwork. Running through the collection are four original symbols designed to reflect the heart of the DIESEL+EDUN collection.

The Pantsula vs Puppets video is part of the Diesel+Edun concept of Studio Africa, a virtual loudspeaker for a new generation of creative talents from across the continent. The campaign features nine artists in fashion, film, music, literature, and photography; individuals with both talent and a deep commitment to their respective countries and people. See the Studio Africa Tumblr site.

Pantsula vs Puppets Credits

The Pantsula vs Puppets project was developed at Vice UK by agency producers Posy Dixon and Jacqui Kavanagh.

Filming was shot by director Sean Metelerkamp via Fly On The Wall, Cape Town, with producer Filipa Domingues and art director Latisha Duarte.