DDB Grads Make It Famous

DDB Australia has partnered with a group of talented illustrators to launch “Make It Famous”, a campaign promoting the advertising agency’s 2014 Graduate Program. Potential graduates will be given the challenge of making famous one of a number of mundane items, like a rock, pen lid, key, lint, toilet paper roll, lollipop stick, twig, lock of hair, Barbie‚Äôs leg or a feather. The illustrators, in a series of creative ads placed at Sydney universities and online at Pinterest and Facebook, make these everyday objects impossible to ignore.

DDB Make It Famous Pinterest Board

DDB Lint for Happy Belly Buttons - Lint Make It Famous

DDB Need Escape Travel Light - Feather Make It Famous

Dylan Harrison, Executive Creative Director DDB Sydney explains: “Advertising is about finding a truth in every product and revealing it in a creative way, and that’s what we wanted to highlight with this campaign. The diversity of creative responses we received for the campaign is impressive and really allows us to see these ordinary objects in new and unusual ways”.


The Make It Famous campaign was developed at DDB Australia by creative directors Guy Lemberg and Adam Ledbury, creatives Simon Friedlander and Daniel Ieraci, graduates Samantha Russo and Chelsea Lamond.

Illustrators were:
The Jacky Winter Group: Kate Banazi, He She It They I (Dave Ladd and Stephanie Anderson), Mark Godoy, Mimi Leung, Georgia Perry, Bobby Haiqalsyah, Ben Sanders
The Illustration Room: Chrissy Lau, Petros Bouloubasis, Michael Crampton, Rob Cowan, Kirsten Harris, Carmine Bellucci
The Drawing Book: Louie Joyce, Bill Hope, Frantz Kantor, Jo Ley, James Briscoe
Freelance: Lucas Savelli (Verdura)