McDonalds Come As You Are Portraits

McDonald’s recently invited pedestrians in the Parisian business district La Défense to have their photographs taken and integrated into the new “Venez comme vous êtes” (Come As You Are) outdoor and digital print advertising campaign. Everyone who participated left with a personalised version of the print ad, with their own face on it!

McDonalds Event Portraits

With its characters that symbolise the great mix of people who go to McDonald’s everyday, the print campaign pays tribute to the unique and precious diversity that only can be found at McDonald’s. Whether you are with your family or with friends, whether you are a biker or a fashion victim, student or CEO, McDonald’s brings people together and allows you to be yourself.

McDonalds Venez commes vous etes site

McDonalds Diversite portrait print ad

McDonalds Diversite portrait print ad

McDonalds Diversite portrait print ad


The McDonalds Come As You Are Portraits campaign was developed at BETC Paris by creative director Stéphane Xiberras, art director Benjamin Le Breton, assistant art director Grégory Pierrain, copywriter Arnaud Assouline, strategic planner Clarisse Lacarrau, agency managers Olivier Sebag, Eugénie Lefebvre, Laura Kerdraon, with McDonald’s France marketing team Xavier Royaux, Nathalie LeGarlantezec, Amaya Fournau, Sophie Giry, photographer Laurent Seroussi and art buyer Isabelle Mocq-Orain.

Filming was produced at Rita, Paris. Retouching was done by Pierrick Guen at Sparklink.