IKEA Catalogue Space Rent

The IKEA catalogue is an institution. People anticipate its arrival, get excited about it, read it and then often throw it away. IKEA in Western Australia and South Australia worked with 303Lowe to find a way for the catalogue to stay in the home and have pride of place. With living costs increasing, they figured it only fair that IKEA should pay rent for the space it occupies, through monthly rent cheques redeemable in-store. The Rent project was awarded a Yellow Pencil at the 2012 D&AD Awards.

IKEA Rent This Much Space

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Rent Direct Credits

The Rent Direct campaign was developed at 303Lowe by executive creative director Simon Langley, associate creative director Richard Berney, art directors Darren Borrino and Michael Sequeira, copywriters Stuart Turner and Dav Tabeshfar, head of digital Nic Chamberlain, and agency producer Holly Kemp.

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