Canadian Club Beer Fairyland

Canadian Club, the whisky brand, is being promoted by Beam Global Australia with “Beer Fairyland”, a campaign to take on Australia’s obsession with beer. English actor John Cleese provides the voiceover for a series of commercials, available on the Canadian Club Youtube channel, in which slovenly dressed “Beer Fairies” are eliminated every time someone chooses to purchase a Canadian Club instead of a beer. The Canadian Club Australia Facebook page invites users to sign up for Beer Fairy Hunting Season, competing for instant prizes. PR work champions results from a survey in which Australian women see beer drinkers as boring and predictable. Point of sale items include motion-activated burping and farting audio in on-premise bathrooms.

Beer Fairies

Beer Fairy Hunting Season on Facebook
Beer Fairyland Vote Brown
Beer Fairy Hunting Season on Facebook

Welcome to Beer Fairyland

This is the place your mother warned you about. Discover the world of the beer fairy: the sights, the sounds and, unfortunately, the smells. Luckily though, every time you buy a Canadian Club a beer fairy dies.

Join The Hunt

Boring beer drinkers are losing the battle but they are fighting back. And they are fighting dirty.

Origin of the Species

Beer Fairy Dale explains what makes his kind so repulsive and single-handedly throws the entire theory of evolution into doubt.

Missing Beer Fairy

One of the beer fairies has gone from missing all his teeth to missing full-stop. Asleep in a gutter, wedged into the couch or something more sinister?

Conspiracy Theory

The penny finally drops as beer fairy Dale suspects his brethren are not passing away as a result of natural causes. He’s right when he laments the TAB will never be the same.

A Beer by Any Other Name

Join the guys on the couch as the beer fairies discuss their favourite beer. Vive la difference.

Priorities according to a Beer Fairy

We humans may be worried about things like interest rates and global warming, but Beer Fairy Dale and his mates have more pressing concerns — they’re dropping like flies.

Beer Fairyland Credits

The Beer Fairyland campaign was developed at The Works Sydney by copywriter Nathan Bilton, art director Guy Patrick, group head Damian Pincus, agency producer Craig Bolles and account director Melissa Aisbett.

Filming was shot by director Steve Saussey via Film Construction. Post production was done at Blockhead.

Sound was produced at Liquid Studios.