Schweppes Cocktail Revolution

Schweppes is running “Cocktail Revolution”, an experiential pop-up installation in Southern Cross Station, a major railway station in Melbourne, Australia. The ambient campaign began with a giant crate mysteriously appearing in the station, complete with a peep hole revealing a teaser hologram, teaser music exuding from the crate and the sighting of high heels inside. Three days later the Schweppes crate finally opened it’s doors to reveal an interactive cocktail mixing table that uses fruit and drink recognition technology to suggest cocktail drinks.

Schweppes Crate View

Visual aspects of the campaign have been shown on station screens (which show a ‘live’ news-read about the revolution), banners, signage and hoarding, nearby buildings and the station staircase. Brand ambassadors are handing out special cocktail kits complete with a piece of fruit, Schweppes mixer and a cocktail recipe. Cocktail ‘revolutionaries’ are able to take part in the augmented reality aspect of the campaign, which involves having their photo taken (with a ground breaking, surprising twist), then finding, tagging and sharing their photo on Facebook for the chance to win.

Schweppes Crate View
Schweppes Crate View
Schweppes Crate View
Schweppes Crate Cocktails are back
Schweppes Crate Cocktails are back Stairs


The Cocktail Revolution installation was developed at TKM9, Melbourne.

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