NAB Break Up with Rival Banks

NAB (National Australia Bank) has launched an integrated advertising campaign using the concept of a public break-up to delineate themselves from the three other Australian major banks, the ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac. Launched on Valentine’s Day, the campaign included sixty public break ups between couples in restaurants, bars and public spaces, representing the irreconcilable differences between NAB and the other banks. Films of the painful conversations were filmed and released today, along with stunts involving executives from the three other banks. The campaign also extends to press, Adshel, large format outdoor, radio, mobile billboards, street teams, street chalking, helicopter banners and video. Consumers are being directed to, NAB’s Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel, where they can interact with the campaign and keep up to date with the latest activity as it breaks.

NAB Break Up Letter

Click on the image below to play the break up letter video.

As part of NAB’s break up from the other banks, NAB organised a visit to a Westpac executives meeting 31 floors up in their ivory tower. Click on the image below to play the Westpac prank video.

As part of NAB’s break up from the other banks, we visited some unsuspecting ANZ execs having a lunchtime cruise on their yacht. They weren’t too happy about it. Click on the image below to play the video.

As part of NAB’s break up from the other banks, some CommBank executives got a lunchtime surprise while enjoying their Wagyu and Lake’s Folly Cabernet. Click on the image below to play the video.

Click on the image below to play the Break Up on a Train video.

The campaign launches on the back of 20 months of significant action where NAB has driven competition in the marketplace via a series of customer-focused initiatives. Some of these actions have included offering CBA and Westpac customers help in switching their mortgages to NAB’s lower standard variable rate by paying the $700 mortgage early exit fee charged by CBA and Westpac when customers switch their mortgage to NAB. NAB abolished monthly account service fees on the most popular personal transaction accounts. NAB maintained the lowest standard variable mortgage rate of the major banks for the last 20 months. NAB developed its alliance with RediATM to double the ATMs network for customers. NAB changed credit card payment hierarchy, resulting in lower interest payments for customers. NAB also offered a $1000 buffer for all overdrawn (reference) fees to help businesses with cash flow.


The Break Up campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by creative chairman James McGrath, executive creative director Ant Keogh, executive planning director Paul Rees-Jones, creative directors/copywriter Rohan Lancaster and Julian Schreiber, creative directors/art directors Darren Pitt and Tom Martin, group account director Simon Lamplough, account director Kelly Richardson, account manager Kate McCarthy, and executive producer Sonia von Bibra.

Filming was shot by director Matt Devine, Glue Society.

Sound was produced at Sound Reservoir by Paul Taylor and Lukas Farry.

Media was handled by Zenith Optimedia. PR was managed by Bang PR.

Events were produced at Will O’Rourke.