McDonalds Best Fries on the Planet

McDonalds in the USA is running “Best Fries on the Planet”, a multi-tiered non-traditional consumer engagement plan designed to embrace and leverage a truly beloved and revered icon: McDonald’s Fries. The advertising campaign is designed to position the Fries product as the best of quality in the industry, building both the McDonald’s brand and its business. The campaign includes “Fishing”, a humorous television commercial, and “Fry Lights”, a fries packet shaped billboard sending out ten yellow beams into the sky above McDonald’s Restaurant at the corner of Clark and Ontario streets in Oak Brook, River North, Chicago.

McDonalds Fry Lights Best Fries

The ten light beams, produced with 200,000 lumens Xenon Skylights, blasted upward as far as the eyes can see and were able to be seen from up to three miles away. The face of the billboard used Electro-LuminX panels, giving the box of fries a backlit effect.

McDonalds Fry Lights Best Fries

A boy decides to increase his chances of a catch by attaching McDonalds fries to his fishing hook. Click on the image below to play the Best Fries Fishing video.

The Best Fries on the Planet includes the “You Want McDonald’s Fries With That” Contest and Weekly Drawing, which encourages people to share what they want McDonald’s Fries with for a chance to win $25,000 and make their crispy, golden dreams come true. Consumers nationwide can enter at by January 1, 2012.

Best Fries Credits

The Best Fries campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Chicago by global chief creative officer Mark Tutssel, chief creative officer Susan Credle, executive creative director John Montgomery, creative directors Avery Gross and Brian Shembeda, copywriter Rene Delgado, art director Alex Esseld, executive producer Denis Giroux, senior producer Bridget Rose, producer Samantha Howes, production manager Gretchen Hernandez, talent manager Jeff Cowie.

The Fry Lights billboards were produced at Urban Core Outdoor, Chicago.

Filming was shot by director Kenny Herzog via O Positive, New York. Editor was Nikki Vapensky at Whitehouse Post.

McDonalds Fry Lights