Children of Chernobyl – Apple of Fertility

25 years ago, on April 26, 1986, a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine, entered a meltdown after a disastrous series of tests. Residents of Chernobyl were evacuated and the town is now deserted. The disaster’s impact on residents appears to have lingered, with ongoing questions about the connection between high levels of radiation and birth abnormalities. Prenatal health control is a serious matter. Leo Burnett Ukraine in 2009 was commissioned to create awareness of the issue in a positive, subtle way. The agency produced this print advertisement, “Eva’s Apple”, using the healthy and fruitful symbol of an apple. The apple is cut open to display not only the seed developing, but also the female‚Äôs fertility needing to be protected.

Children of Chernobyl Eva's Apple


The Eva’s Apple ad was developed in 2009 at Leo Burnett Ukraine, Kiev, by creative director Claus-Steffen Braun, art director Evgeniy Tonev, account manager Olesya Grechko, account supervisor Ksenia Morozova, illustrator Roman Scripchenko, with photography by Katerina Duda via East News, working with Children of Chernobyl Relief and Development Fund Mike Perry and country director Alexa J Milanytch.

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