Bud Light 3D Test Dangerous

Anheuser Busch ran “3D Test”, a commercial for Bud Light, during the NFC and AFC Championship games in January, suggesting that the beer company is looking after public interests. The ad shows 3D commercials that are so effective that they become dangerous. Running the ads would have been inappropriate. “No stunt people were harmed during the making of this commercial, well, because they’re stunt people.”

Bud Light 3D Test commercial

Click on the image below to play the video.


“3D Test” was developed at Cannonball, St. Louis, Missouri, by executive creative directors Steve Hunt and Mike Binnette, creative directors Joe Bishop and Aric Jost, and producer Johnny Chambers.

Filming was shot by director John O’Hagan via RSA Films. Editor was Jon Devries at School Editing, Toronto. Music and sound were produced at Pirate Radio & TV, Toronto.