Publicis Planners Meet

Publicis Communications Mumbai has won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival for their promotion of the Publicis Planners’ Meet held in Paris in 2009 featuring Publicis Worldwide planning director John Woodward. The team was given the challenge of creating a tongue ‘n cheek communication that would make everyone look forward to attending this particular conference. It’s a very common perception in the advertising community that account planners tend to complicate briefs by going too deep into every brand, rather than simplifying things. The posters, Mountain, Sky and Beer, addressed this misconception while setting the agenda for a new informal way of planning to be unveiled by John Woodward. In these posters, even the simplest of things in the world were made to look extremely complicated.

Publicis Mountain poster

Why did a planner take the geo-physical data of all the major mountains in the world and plot it on a cromatographic chart? Because it was there.

Publicis Sky poster

An art director in the network figured out when you make overlapping Venn diagrams of the exact colours of the sky progressively recorded every hour for an entire day, you get roughly the shape of a cloud. We planners should have worked this out first.

Publicis Beer poster

All the best beers in the world plotted on the basis of their alcohol content (y-axis) and the country of origin (x-axis) against a deep ochre background together visually resembling a keg of beer, can tell you just one thing. The planners are here.


The Planners Meet posters were designed at Publicis Communications, Mumbai, by national creative directors Ashish Khazanchi and Prasanna Sankhe, senior creative director Akash Das.

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