Mars Bar The Crying Phone

The Mars Bar is presented as comfort food in “Crying Phone”, an award-winning television commercial produced in France. A young man is about to purchase a Mars Bar from a vending machine when he notices an older man at the phone booth close by. The guy at the phone booth pleads for a second chance over the phone but is cut off when the money runs out. The Crying Phone ad has won a Gold Epica Film award.

Mars Crying Phone

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The Crying Phone ad was developed at CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt, Paris, by creative directors Jean-Francois Sacco and Gilles Fichteberg, copywriter Laurent Laporte, art director Sophian Bouadjera, agency producers Sylvie Etchemaite and Christine Bouffort.

Filming was shot by director Sebastian Cirade via Bollywood, Paris, with producer Dominique Esmenard and director of photography Laurent King, sound engineer Fran├žois Loubeyre, makeup artist Djenete Bouadjadj, set designer Boris Jean, stylists Brigite and Marie Calvet. Music is by Tof, Landser, Mato and Drumatik. Casting of Yann Pradal and Sylvain Lazard was by Nicolas Benoit at Les Incorruptibles Studios, Paris.

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