BBC Knowledge Goes A Long Way

BBC Worldwide is promoting BBC Knowledge, their factual and documentary channel, with the new tagline: “A little knowledge goes a long way”. A print advertisement demonstrates the difference a little knowledge of architecture can make to where exactly you eat your cheese. The 60 second television commercial, voiced by comic actor Richard E. Grant, presents something of the entertainment and information value of the channel.

BBC Knowledge Eat Cheese print ad

“Facts feed brains – that’s a fact. So it’s a shame you forget everything you learn each day”. Actor Richard E. Grant provides a meandering journey through some of life’s amazing truths, looking at pencils, the Wright Brothers, the Earth’s moon, sleep, snails, blinking, The campaign continues the irreverent and entertaining tone of the Moon Week campaign and reflects the approach of BBC Knowledge presenters such as Jeremy Clarkson, Bruce Parry and Louis Theroux.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The BBC Knowledge campaign was developed at Three Drunk Monkeys by executive creative directors Justin Drape and Scott Nowell, creative director Noah Regan, art director Matt Heck and copywriter Damian Fitzgerald, agency producers John Ruggiero and Thea Carone, print producer Chris Benson, print designer Mitchell Annear, group content director Dan Beaumont, content manager Brad Firth. Three Drunk Monkeys worked on the BBC Knowledge Moon Landing campaign in 2009.

Filming was shot by director/animator Sean Pecknold via Grandchildren, Seattle, with producer Aaron Ball, animator Britta Johnson, sets and creatures team Matt Lifson, Britta Johnson, Sean Pecknold, rotoscoping Stefan Moore, painter Matt Lifson, effects director of photography Michael Ragen. Colorist was Sam Atkinson at Lightpress. Sound was designed and mixed by Justin Braegelmann.

BBC Worldwide marketing staff included Amanda McGregor, Brendan Dahill, Paul Kennedy and Hannah Bullimore.