BBC Global News Super Power

BBC has called on the services of Hera to introduce a new television series, Super Power, an introduction to the emerging power of the internet community. It wields enormous influence, acts as a catalyst for social change and empowers its users to become both consumers and creators of information on a global scale. The series is being hosted by the BBCs international news services, BBC World Service, BBC World News and The character ‘Hera’ represents the growing millions of internet users.

BBC Superpower Hera

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The SuperPower campaign was developed at RKCR Y&R, London, by creative director Damon Collins, copywriter Steve Moss, art director Jolyon Finch, planner Emily James, business director Jo Bacon, account director Anita O’Shea, agency producer Claudio Gorini.

Filming was shot by director Matthias Hoene via Partizan with producer Miranda Johnstone and editor Joe Randall Cutler. Post production was done at Prime Focus, London. Audio post production was done at Factory Studios by Sam Robinson.

Music is “Mad Rush”, the solo piano version by Philip Glass.