WWF FishMen in Belgium

WWF Belgium was busy two years ago helping Belgians imagine what it might be like if humans adapted to climate change, with the Fishmen campaign. The campaign, designed to help people think about what they could do in their daily lives to make an impact, had the goal of leading people to the Reduce Your Climate Impact site, coinciding with the UN Climate Talks (COP 13, MOP 3) in Bali, Indonesia, December 2007.

WWF Stop Climate Change Fish Man

Billboards, static and mobile, print advertisements and a television commercial were supplemented by public appearances of activists wearing fish heads. The FishMen Guerillla campaign involved showing up in public places (video of fishmen dancing in Antwerp) and on television shows (Fishmen in the audience of the De Laatste Show). Photos from the campaign were placed on the WWF Belgium Flickr Photostream.

WWF Fishman looks in window

WWF Fishwoman plays keyboard on television

Click on the image below to play the video.

WWF Climate Impact Reducer site

WWF Fishman Dutch

WWF Fishman French

WWF Fishman Billboards


The Fishmen campaign was developed at Germaine, Antwerp, by creative director André Plaisir, art director Gilles Stienon, copywriter Geerard Van de Walle, account director Christina Lemahieu, account executive Lindi Fourie, and photographer Christophe Gilbert.

WWF staff were communication nanager Franka Byttebier, marketing & communication director Wim Desmedt, PR manager Jan Derom and CEO Damien Vincent.