Vodafone Make The Most of NZ Time

Vodafone’s newspaper advertising campaign, “Daylight Saving” won the “Could Be A Caxton” award for October/November 2008. On the last Sunday in September clocks are adjusted to give New Zealanders an extra hour in the evening, signalling the journey towards the season of summer. The ad continued the campaign launched with the Changing Times TV ad in 2007, and an earlier print advertisement aligned with Leap Day in February 2008.

Vodafone Daylight Savings print advertisement

“Yay! Daylight saving kicked in last night. So shake out the cobwebs. Dig out the jandals. Dust off the barbie. Lose the love handles. Trim your toenails. Shave your hairy bits. Find the chilly bin. Enjoy a picnic. Or do whatever. ‘Cos we’ve got an extra hour of daylight. Let’s make the most of it”.

Jandals – rubber sandals
Barbie – barbecue
Chilly bin – insulated picnic cooler

“Unlike the majority of the entries, this one’s genuinely built for newspapers – as opposed to a magazine ad that’s been unconvincingly re-sized,” said the Caxtons judge, David Nobay of Droga5 Australia. “It plays to the core strengths of the medium and is designed to explode out of the editorial surrounding it.”


The campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO Auckland, by creative director/art director Steven Cochran, art director/copywriter Nick Worthington, and art director Emmanuel Bougneres.

The same team put out the earlier Leap Day print advertisement for Vodafone, designed for February 29, 2008. The advertisement included the phone number of a real person, Oliver Woods, who at the age of 20, was celebrating his 5th birthday. He received 60 calls, 300 voice messages, and 700 texts, as well as featuring in four live radio interviews.

Vodafone Leap Day print advertisement