Sexy Pilgrim Rap for Muscle Milk

In the spirit of Thanksgiving comes Sexy Pilgrim, a musical performance in aid of Muscle Milk. Protein is a miracle worker. It helps your body build lean muscle, burn fat and provide healthy sustained energy. The protein in this milk has the power to help make anyone sexy, even a pilgrim. A 1621 Thanksgiving Dinner in New Plymouth turns into a rap fest when one of the pilgrims takes the credit for the turkey and the colorful corn.

Sexy Pilgrim

Visitors to the Sexy Pilgrim site are able to play the music video, download the mp3 and become sexy pilgrims themselves by printing a Muscle Milk voucher.

Sexy Pilgrim Muscle Milk site


The Sexy Pilgrim rap was developed at Pereira & O’Dell, San Francisco, by chief creative officer PJ Pereira, associate creative director/copywriter Rob Lambrechts, associate creative director/art director Lauren Harwell, director of production Jeff Ferro, music producer Victoria Whitlow, interactive producer Kelsie Van Deman, producer Sara Krider,

Filming was shot by director Jeremy Konner via Partizan with executive producer Sheila Stepanek, producer R. Stephan Mohammed, director of photography Steve Yedlin.

Music was written and recorded by Squeak E Clean, Jeremy Konner, Steven Davis and James Atkinson.

Editor was Inome Callahan at Umlaut Films with executive producer Gina Locurcio, producer Kelly Gibbs, assistant editor Chris Gamino and colourist Dennis Wilkins.