William Lawson’s Cannon

William Lawson’s Scotch Whisky is presented as the drink of men who play with high stakes in “Cannonball”, a spectacular visual-effects advertisement from Belgium. Think of petanque and what do you see? South of France, old men with berets and a yellowish drink with too much water? Think again. Close the shutters of your windows, grab a tough helmet and watch the Scottish style petanque created for William Lawson’s. It’s a new episode in the series with the Highlander (see the Haka) that originated in another time and space.

William Lawson's Cannon commercial

On a Scottish castle in the middle of a highland loch, a group of bare-chested kilted men wrestle with a cannon to send a cannonball slicing through the Scottish highlands. William Lawson’s. No Rules. Great Scotch.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Cannonball was formed at Famous, Brussels, by creative directors Christophe Ghewy and Paul Wauters, art director Denis Dubrulle, copywriter Thomas Danthine, agency producers Myriam Maes and Lander Engles.

Filming was shot by director Lieven van Baelen via Czar with director of photography Glynn Speeckaert producer Sophie Casse, and post producer Birgit D’hondt.