Wario Land Shake on YouTube

Nintendo has successfully launched an interactive experience of “Wario Land: Shake It”, online at today’s Site of the Day, www.youtube.com/wariolandshakeit2008. The experience (more than just a video) was put up on YouTube on September 19, 2008. Despite appearances, the figure of just over 3 million views is not based on actual visits. The real figure is closer to 130,000.

Wario Land Shake It site at YouTube


The Shake It site was developed for Nintendo at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, by executive creative director Jeffrey Goodby, creative director Erik Enberg, art director Bryan Houlette, copywriter Nat Lawlor, account director Grace Kao, account manager Ellen Byron, agency producer Jennifer Wilson, interactive director Mike Geiger, with programmer Mike Kellogg at facefaceface.

And here’s the video in HD, without the ExperienceWii effects.