Getty Center Heads in Los Angeles

The Getty Center in Los Angeles has a television advertising campaign encouraging Los Angeles residents to visit and be inspired. Residents of Los Angeles are shown walking the streets with pieces of art on their shoulders: replacing their heads with flowers, vases, antique furniture, portraits, still lifes. It’s all coming from an experience at the art museum. “The Getty stays with you.”

Women walk with flowers for heads in Getty Center TV commercial

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The Getty Center Heads campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi, Los Angeles, by art director Ron Tapia, copywriter Dennis DiSalvo, producer Rebecca Silverstein, group account director Stephen McCall, and account supervisor Michelle Wog.

Filming was shot by directing duo Peter Martin via Sleeper Films, Los Angeles, with director of photography Eric West, line producer Tracy Broaddus, executive producers Alex Blum and Andreas Ruskin.

Peter Martin were inspired by the M&C Saatchi concept.

“For us the biggest draw is always the idea. “Heads” was based on a really great insight – quality art isn’t something you forget, you carry it with you. We also loved the fact that this deceptively simple idea was going to live or die on the visual effects. If it felt seamless and natural we thought it’d be a home run. We wanted “Heads” to have an observational quality to it, capturing brief moments of everyday life in LA. We felt it was really important that everything in the spot should feel natural and casual so that the only thing out of place was the fact that instead of a regular noggin, everyone’s head was replaced by a priceless work of art. We’re big fans of almost any American film made in the 70s and in a lot of those movies, you’d get to see Jon Voight or Meryl Streep or whoever walking down a real bustling city street with real people. They’d shoot the actor with some massive zoom lens from a block away so the people wouldn’t notice the camera until they already had the shot. It gave the movies a reality we’d love to see more of and it seemed a fitting way to experience some of the art in “Heads”.

Editor was Patrick Griffin at Lost Planet, Los Angeles.

Visual Effects were developed at Ring of Fire, Los Angeles, by creative director Jerry Spivack, executive producer John Myers.

Music was composed by Mader.

Man with portrait for a head in Getty Center TV commercial