Alka-Seltzer For Whatever

Bayer brand Alka-Seltzer is presented as the way to deal with whatever you’ve put in your stomach, in this print campaign from France. Black and white illustrations present five scenarios: Bear (bow and arrow), Mafia (tapes), Prison (soap), Paparazzi (camera) and Magician (saw).

Alka Seltzer Bear

Alka Seltzer Mafia

Alka Seltzer Prison

Alka Seltzer Paparazzi

Alka Seltzer Magician


The Alka Seltzer campaign was developed at CLM BBDO, Paris, by creative directors Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-Fran├žois Sacco, art director/illustrator Paul Kreitmann, and copywriter Alexis Benoit.

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