Paddington Bear Tries Marmite

Paddington Bear, the world’s most famous Peruvian, upgrades from marmalade sandwich to squeezy Marmite in a series of TV adverts screening in the UK. With Paddington Bear and Marmite, sandwiches will never be dull.

Paddington Bear in Marmite TV ad

Responses to the Marmite campaign, like responses to the spread itself, have been varied. Some have been delighted to see the bear from darkest Peru back on their television screens. Others are horrified to think that Paddington may move away from his established characteristic diet of marmalade. Michael Bond, the creator of Paddington Bear, was not consulted about the advert. And judging from a letter he’s written to The Times, he’s not impressed. Paddington’s characteristics are “set in stone and you shouldn’t change them”. Permission was given by Karen Jankel, Bond’s daughter and managing director of Paddington and Company.


The Paddington Bear spot was developed at DDB London, by copywriter Mike Crowe and art director Rob Messeter.

Animation was directed by Daniel Greaves via Tandem Films with producer Lynn Hollowell.

Click on the image below to play the ‘making-of’ video.