LongYin Review Fresh And Up To Date

LongYin Review, a Chinese-language quarterly advertising magazine, has worked with JWT Shanghai to challenge creatives to stay current, fresh and up-to-date. LongYin’s Search Engine provides access to Chinese creative work, in Chinese and English languages. The LongYin Review keeps bringing fantastic creativity to Chinese creative people and updating them with the latest brilliant ideas: “Fries”, “Old Box”, “FuLuShou”, “Old Chair”, “Old Lady’s Chest”

An old potato chip in LongYin print ad

An old box of manuscripts in LongYin print ad

FuLuShou characters and a battery in LongYin print ad

An old chair in LongYin print ad

An old lady's chest in LongYin print ad


The campaign was developed at JWT Shanghai by creative directors SheungYan Lo, Nick Lim, Bill Chan, copywriter Lesley Zhou, art director HaiBo Huang and Johnson Sheng, with print production managers Liza Law, Joseph Yu, Isaac Xu, photographers XingGang Zhang, Vincent Koh. Retouching was done at Amoeba Digital Imaging. Print production was done at Shanghai Guest Design and Production Company.

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