Hot Tires And Exploding Frogs

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the USA, has released a public service announcement using exploding frogs, urging drivers to check tire pressure and tread-wear often but especially during the hot, summer months. The TV ad begins in a nature documentary genre, switching to PSA with advice on road safety.

Max Air Pumps Toad

Click on the image below to play the video.

Recent NHTSA research shows that hot weather can also impact the tire aging process, particularly in warm climate states. “Checking tires is particularly critical during the summer when roads are hot and families are putting a lot of miles on their cars with their vacation plans,” said Nason, NHTSA director. “Overloaded vehicles, under-inflated tires, and hot weather can all combine to possibly turn a family vacation into a horrific nightmare.” Nason said she hoped the new television ad will help encourage people to regularly check their tires for proper air pressure and monitor tread wear.

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