England Play Rugby With Nike Manifesto

It seems Nike’s support for the English Rugby World Cup campaign is paying off. Here’s another print advertisement from the Nike rugby “Not Without A Fight” advertising campaign. Come all challengers from all four corners, those who covet our crown…

Nike rugby manifesto

Come all challengers from all four corners
Those who covet our crown
Those who have written us off
will feel our wrath
in every bone-crunching tackle
with every deft pass and harrying run
with every kick, scrum and line-out
A constant thorn in your side
for if you want what is ours
Be warned
Not without a fight.


The Nike/O2 Not Without A Fight campaign was developed at W+K London by creative director/art director Chris Groom, copywriter Shay Reading and Stuart Harkness, and art director Guy Featherstone.