Dell Colors Inspiron

Dell is using ‘Colors’, a set of TV ads, to highlight the new color range of the Inspiron 1420 notebook (laptop). Sunbathers use a pink Inspiron to play their music. A snake handler consults his green Inspiron. Brown is found on a musican at an airport passing three brown bears. A young girl in the backseat of a red car uses navigation software. A man and woman in a black helicopter travel with black laptop and black dog. A film director in white uses a hi-def wide screen Inspiron to monitor an action scene. Two fisherman enjoy the sight of a log fire on their yellow Inspiron. A technician directs a robot using a blue Inspiron. The tagline: “The New colorful Inspiron 1420. Dell – Yours Is Here”.

Sunbather uses pink Dell Inspiron

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Colors was developed at Mother New York, by creative directors Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom, copywriters Dave Clark and Todd Lamb, art director Bill Moulton, and agency producer Margaux Ravis.

Film director uses white Dell Inspiron

Filming was directed by Tom Kuntz via MJZ, New York, with director of photography Chris Soos, and line producer Scott Kaplan.

Editor was Carlos Arias at Final Cut, New York, with producer Rana Martin.

Post Production at The Mill, New York, was done by colorist Fergus McCall, post producer Carrie Van Der Busse, VFX artists Tristan Wake and Matt Wilmshurst.

Graphics were designed at StarDust, New York

Sound was designed by Carl Mandelbaum at Audio Engine.

Music for the clips is “The W.A.N.D.”, performed by The Flaming Lips, a single from their album, At War With the Mystics.

The W.A.N.D. – At War with the Mystics (Deluxe Version) on iTunes

Helicopter passenger uses black Dell Inspiron

Girl uses red Dell Inspiron for navigation

Fishermen use yellow Dell Inspiron

Snake handler uses green Dell Inspiron

Lyrics for The W.A.N.D.

(You’ve got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)

Time after time those fanatical minds try to rule all the world
Telling us all it’s them who’s in charge of it all
I’ve got a trick, a magic stick, that will make them all fall
We’ve got the power now, motherfuckers; that’s where it belongs

You’ve got that right!
(Power in there)
You know that it is!
(Wand in the air)

They’ve got their weapons to solve all their questions
They don’t know what it’s for
(Because they don’t know what it’s for)
Why can’t they see that’s not power, that’s greed
To just want more and more?
(Just want more and more)
I got a plan and it’s here in my hand; a baton made of light
We’re the enforcers, the sorcerer’s orphans
And we know why we fight
(And we know why we fight)

You’ve got that right
(You’ve got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)

(You’ve got the power in there)
(You’ve got the power in there)
(You’ve got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)

You’ve got that right!
You know that it is!