France 24 Launch Beyond The News

France 24, the new French international news channel, launches today (December 7). Marcel Paris, led by Fred and Farid, won the advertising account in September and have been busy developing a viral campaign to promote the “Beyond the News” concept. A central part of the promotion is a set of videos posted at Daily Motion. See the France 24 wordpress blog for more on the launch details. The channel is providing a service in French, English and Arabic, by satellite and online.

France 24 Football Sweat Shop

The first advertising clip provides a critique of the working conditions behind the scenes of major sports manufacturers. A young girl assembles a soccer ball in a sweat shop, dreaming of where the ball will turn up. Click on the image below to play the Little Girl video.

The second clip playfully suggests a story behind the art of Leonardo Da Vinci. Click on the image below to play the Da Vinci video.

The third clip challenges viewers to wonder what has happened to a girl’s mother… Click on the image below to play the Little Girl video.

See the same video in French


The Beyond the News campaign was developed at Marcel Republique, Paris, by creative directors Fred & Farid, copywriter Gregorie Chalopin, art director Sebastian Piacentini, agency producer Damien Fournier-Perret, account supervisors Emmanuel Ferry and Damien Gouilly-Frossard.

Animation was directed by Stéphane Hamache via Wizz, Paris, with producer Francois Brun. 3D work was done at Def2Shoot, Paris.