Bigpond Great Wall of China Keeps Rabbits Out

Bigpond, Telstra‘s internet service provider in Australia, has been connecting its broadband services with education, with the memorable ‘Great Wall of China’ television commercial. A man (played by Patrick O’Meara) drives with his son in the passenger seat working on a school project.

Father drives in Bigpond Rabbits ad

“Dad. Why did they build the Great Wall of China?”
“That, that was, during the time of the Emperor Nasi Goreng. And, ah, it was to keep the rabbits out. Too many rabbits, in China.”
The next scene features the boy in his classroom, with the voice of his teacher saying, “OK. Now Daniel will do his talk on China.”
The voiceover: “Give your kids the right answers, get them broadband.”

So what would happen if the boy had access to Broadband? He’d discover that the wall was built mainly to keep out the Mongol invaders. He’d discover that Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian dish. Construction of the Great Wall of China began with under the Zhou Dynsasty when vassal states each built their own walls. Under the Qin Dynasty the walls were united, a symbol of the now united China. The wall was renovated during the Ming Dynasty.

As to rabbits in China? Calcivirus was first noticed by scientists in China in 1984. The virus has since wiped out 95 % of feral rabbits in parts of China.

Daniel faces his class in Bigpond Ad


The Bigpond Education campaign was developed in 2005 by Belgiovane Williams Mackay by executive creative director Rob Belgiovane, creative directors Adam Hunt and Mike Boswell, art directors/copywriters Matt Lawson and Onur Kece, agency producer Georgie Gordon and account supervisor Simon Hadfield. Lawson and Kece have since moved to work with BMF.

Filming was directed by Vikki Blanche at Radical Media, Sydney, with director of photography Graeme Wood and producer Peter Kearney.

Editor was Seth Lockwood at MRPPP. Sound was produced at Sound Reservoir by James Martell.