Three Mobile Likes Music in Asia

Three is promoting its musical offerings on cellphones with a range of TV ads featuring the phrase, “Three Likes Music”, each in a different Asian setting. In a trailer park in a Hong Kong city suburb, Cantonese speaking women are holding what appears to be a Tupperware party, except the containers throb and flash and hold ‘muzik’. One by one the party goers open their musical pods, releasing pleasure after pleasure. All of a sudden the music police (Japanese) burst in, on the hunt for ‘dirty music’. The women scatter. Next thing we see the chief detective succumbing to the music, opening a pod as he pours his bath. It’s all a television advertisement for Three Mobile Network’s downloadable music, part of the “We like music” campaign. Viewers are directed to Three’s site,

Tupperzik Woman holds Music Pod for Three Mobile TV Ad

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Three Mobile ad, Tupperzik, or ‘Dirty Music’, aired in the UK from August 31, 2005. It was accompanied by a microsite Welcome to Planet 3.

For a product focused in the UK, why the Asian look? Apparently it’s the Asian Cool factor, borrowing from Asian movies and games. See Jin Suh Jirn’s paper on this trend. Maybe it’s linked to the fact that Hutchison, the company behind Three Mobile, started in Hong Kong.

Tupperzik Credits

The Tupperzik ad was created at WCRS, (Wight Collins Rutherford Scott Ltd) by creative directors Leon Jaume and Leslie Ali, copywriters/art directors Simon Robinson and Yannakis Jones agency producer James Lethem, and account director David Young.

Filming was shot by directing team Traktor via Partizan with producer Rani Melendez and director of photography Tim Maurice Jones.

Post Production was done at Moving Picture Company, London. Editing was done by Rick Russell at Final Cut. Production Service Company was Salon in Hong Kong.

The music played in the ad is “Have You Seen Her?”, by the Chi-Lites.

Also worth checking out at WCRS is the “We Like To Play” TV commercial, Milkmaid, featuring a young Japanese milkmaid with big hands who is destined to play big time basketball. The ad features the Japanese song, “Ue o Muite Aruko”, (I look up when I walk), with music by Hachidai Nakamura and lyrics by Rokusuke Ei. The song was released in Japan in 1961 by Kyu Sakamoto and then became a hit in the UK and USA under the title, ‘Sukiyaki’. Kyu Sakamoto was killed in a tragic JAL plane crash in 1985. Click on the image below to play the video.

Cherry, directed by Fredrik Bond via MJZ, features two Mandarin-speaking Chinese girls playing with a cherry-topped pie. The cherry, when threatened with being eaten, breaks into the song, “If You Leave Me Now”, by Chicago. See how many times you can see the Three logo in the clip. Editor was Tim Thornton Allan at Marshall Street Editors. Click on the image below to play the video.