Aardman logoAardman Animations, Ltd., also known as Aardman Studios, or simply as Aardman, is a British animation studio based in Bristol, UK. The studio, founded in 1976, is known for films made using stop-motion clay animation techniques, particularly those featuring Plasticine characters Wallace and Gromit. Divisions include Aardman Features, Aardman Digital, Aardman Commercials, Aardman Broadcast, Aardman International, Aardman Rights, Aardman Effects and Aardman 3-D Systems. Nathan Love, acquired in 2015, is Aardman’s studio in New York.

Website: aardman.com
Twitter: @Aardman
Vimeo: vimeo.com/aardman
Youtube: youtube.com/aardman, youtube.com/user/aardmancommercials
Facebook: facebook.com/Aardman-Nathan-Love-12102279293
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