Super Bowl 2012 Ads

In 2011 we posted a comprehensive collection of commercials from the Super Bowl XLV. We’re providing the same service this year for the Super Bowl XLVI being held in Indianapolis between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. We’re writing up these ads each day in more detail, with behind the scenes information, credits and links to interactive campaigns.

Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Jerry Seinfeld is so excited about the new Acura NSX that he will stop at nothing to acquire the very first one. Check out the extended version of Acura’s big game commercial. See what else Jerry would do for the first new NSX at See more on the Acura Interactions campaign.

See the new Audi commercial and find out what happens when an Audi S7 shows up at a party full of vampires. See more on the Audi Vampire campaign.

Best Buy are building anticipation for the Big Game with deals on television screens. Their commercial features Phone Innovators, including Philippe Kahn, inventor of the camera phone.

What happens when the engineers at Bridgestone bring their passion and tire technologies to the world of sports? Get a sneak preview of Bridgestone’s Super Bowl XLVI ads. See more on the Bridgestone Sports campaign. takes you inside the showroom of a dealership where a knowledgeable car shopper is talking to a friendly dealer. Thanks to and a thorough side-by-side comparison, this is no ordinary visit. As they’re chatting, the car shopper’s inner confidence is unleashed from his neck and shoulder in the form of smooth Disco-singing head. “Baby, I want that car!” See more on the campaign.

Careerbuilder brings back the monkeys. Business travel becoming a burden? – Start Building. See more on the 2012 campaign.

Century 21 Real Estate LLC’s debut Super Bowl ad will feature Donald Trump, Deion Sanders and Apolo Ohno in three mini-stories focusing on the qualities possessed by the company’s agents.

Watch “Happy Grad”, Zack Borst’s winning entry to Chevrolet’s Route66 competition This Chevy ad will appear during Super Bowl XLVI. Check out more about Chevy and Super Bowl XLVI at See more on the Happy Grad ad.

We’ve all seen videos with talented dogs. Chevrolet’s favorite came from OK Go last year. Now OK Go teams up with Chevy to bring you their biggest video yet on Super Bowl Sunday February 5, 2012.

The all-new Chevy Sonic is up for adventure. Watch Sonic’s first time skydiving, bungee jumping, kick flipping, and performing with OK GO. 100% real stunts. See more on the Chevy Stunts campaign.

Coca Cola is running an interactive site,, in which two polar bears, each supporting a different team, react to the game’s play. The Artic polar bears entertain guests, including thieving penguins from the Antarctic. See more on the Coca Cola Polar Bears campaign.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl, online at and, has five finalists: “Bird of Prey”, “Dog Park”, “Hot Wild Girls”, “Man’s Best Friend” and “Sling Baby”. See more on the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2012 campaign.

Downy’s Unstoppable fabric freshener commercial features Mean Joe Greene and Amy Sedaris in a remake of the classic Coca Cola commercial. See more on the Downy campaign.

The E*TRADE Baby’s wedding video gets us in the mood for the big day., as usual, plays up the sex appeal for the sake of young men who may register domain names, with Body Painting and The Cloud.

H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) brings in David Beckham to model his line of David Beckham Bodywear, including briefs and trunks. The ad will air during the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl.

Honda celebrates the launch of the 2012 CR-V by bringing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off back in a big game commercial. Matthew Broderick is cast as himself, skipping out on a day of acting work and living it up in his all-new CR-V. Relive movie history with Honda’s fresh twist and wonderful homage to this ’80s classic. See more on the Honda Matthew’s Day Off campaign.

Hulu provides a sneak peek of the latest, slam-dunk, brain-rotting, alien-nourishing innovation in which “TV Star” Will Arnett stesp brazenly into the spotlight and tempts humanity with @HuluPlus. Game on, Earth. Mmmm … #mushymush

Hyundai’s “All for One” Big Game ad features the company’s Montgomery, Alabama plant employees providing a little vocal encouragement to a designer.

In Hyundai’s “Cheetah” ad, a cheetah is up against a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen, a 450-watt dimension┬« premium audio system, and Pandora┬« Internet radio, in a 201 horsepower Veloster Turbo.

In Hyundai’s “Think Fast” a driver makes the most of the Genesis Coupe’s 348 horsepower “Heart Pounding Power”.

Kia tells us that something very dreamy is coming our way. Here’s Kia’s Dream Car For Real Life commercial featuring Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell and Motley Crue, with the 16 second teaser and the five hour time filler. See more on the Kia Dream Car campaign.

Lexus will have an ad in the Big Game for the first time ever. It features the all-new 2013 GS, but hints that Kia has many more cars waiting to bust out this year. The wait is over. The bold new face of Lexus is here, and it cannot be contained.

Dannon Oikos provides a sneak peak of their commercial. See what happens when John Stamos comes between a woman and her Oikos.

Pepsi’s “King’s Court” spot brings together X Factor winner Melanie Amaro and King Elton John.

Pepsi’s Check Out Line has the Coke Zero driver hoping to quickly pay for a delicious Pepsi MAX without anybody noticing. Unfortunately for him, the transaction doesn’t go as planned.

The Skechers GOrun 2012 Big Game commercial introduces Mr. Quiggly, a tiny French Bulldog with the heart of a champion. How will Quiggly find an edge to help him race on Game Day? Watch the preview to see his secret weapon in action!

American Suzuki Motor Corporation is running “Sled”, a commercial highlighting the automaker’s all-wheel-drive 2012 Suzuki Kizashi sport sedan, which also starred in the company’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, “Wicked Weather”, in the 2011 Super Bowl. See more on the Suzuki Sled campaign.

Teleflora is providing a teaser for the 2012 Super Bowl commercial by going behind the scenes with Adriana Lima. See more on the Teleflora campaign.

Toyota reinvents more than the Camry in this extended version of the blockbuster commercial that started it all. What would you like #reinvented?

Visa presents: Ned’s Journey To The Super Bowl. Anything and everything can happen when one person wins 11 tickets to the Super Bowl.

Volkswagen has brought in a canine chorus to connect us with the relaunch of Star Wars. Love Star Wars and Volkswagen? Create an Intergalactic Invite to your Big Game party here: See more on the Volkswagen Bark Side teaser and Dog Strikes Back commercial.

No sign yet of commercials for companies who advertised in 2010 and 2011: Boost Mobile, Bud Light, Budweiser, CarMax,, Chrysler, Denny’s, Dockers, Dr Peppers, Gatorade, Homeaway, Intel, Michelob, Mercedes, Mini,, Motorola, NFL, Planters, Sealy, Snickers, Sony Ericsson, Stella Artois, Taco Bell and Verizon Wireless.