Super Bowl 2011 Ads

National broadcasting of the Super Bowl XLV NFL final, held in Dallas, Texas, February 6, was paid for by a range of USA television commercials. Here’s a collection of YouTube videos from the various campaigns. Click on the appropriate links to see our behind-the-scenes stories.

Super Bowl XLV

The Audi Super Bowl 2011 Ad, promoting the Audi A8, is set in Luxury Prison, “Release the Hounds” and is promoting the Audi A8. It will air during the first quarter and last for 60 seconds. Three commercials explore the event: Startled Smart, Kenny G Riot Suppressor and Release The Hounds. See the whole campaign.

Best Buy brings in Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne to promote the new possibilities of 4G, 5G and 6G. See more of the Outdated World campaign.

BMW is running “Diesel Changes” and “Defying Logic” (see more).

Bridgestone is running two commercials, Carma and Reply All. See more on the 2011 Bridgestone campaign, including behind-the-scenes videos.

Brisk has brought in Eminem to promote the latest drink.

Bud Light is running “Product Placement” (See more), “Hack Job”, “Dog Sitter” (See more), “Hotel Tent Set Up” and “Severance Package”.

Budweiser is playing “Wild West”. See more here. is running “Go First” and “The Reviews Are In”. See more on the campaign.

Careerbuilder has the Monkeys back in “Parking Lot”. See more on the 2011 Careerbuilder Monkeys campaign.

CarMax is running “Kid in a Candy Store”. See the whole campaign.

Cellular South is running “Bears”.

Chatter is running “”.

Chevrolet is running “Misunderstanding”, “Discovery”, “Tommy”, “Al’s Chevrolet”, “Status”, “Miss Eveyln”. See more on the Chevrolet campaign, including online elements.

Chrysler is running “Imported From Detroit” featuring Eminem. See more here.

Coca Cola is running “Siege” (see more) and “Border” (see more).

Disney is running a Pirates of the Carribean video (On Stranger Tides)

Doritos is running user-generated videos Pug Attack, The Best Part, House Sitting. See more on the 2011 Crash the Super Bowl campaign.

E*Trade is running “Baby Tailor”. See the rest of the campaign here.

Fox is running a movie trailer for Rio. is running the New Girl and Contract.

Groupon is running “Tibet”, a controversial video promoting its bulk buying services. See the whole campaign here.

Homeaway is running the Ministry of Detourism Test Baby. See the whole story here.

Hyundai is running “Deprogramming” (Elantra), “Hypnotize” (Elantra) (see the whole campaign), Anachronistic City (Sonata).

Jack in the Box is running “I Love America”

Kia is running “One Epic Ride”. See the rest of the story.

Limitless the movie has a trailer on air.

Marvel is running trailers for Captain America: First Avenger and Thor.

Mercedes is running “Welcome” Carjam featuring P Diddy. See the background to this campaign. Also see the Tweet Race to the Super Bowl campaign.

Mini is running “Cram it in the Boot”, a game show spoof. See the whole story here.

Motorola is running “Empower the People”. See the whole campaign.

NFL is playing “American Family”.

Pepsi Max is running “Torpedo Cooler”, “Love Hurts” and “First Date”.

Planters is playing “Remarkable Holiday Party” narrated by Robert Downey.

Sealy is running “After Glow”, a promotion for wonderful mattress experiences. See the whole campaign.

Snickers is running “Logging”.

Sony Ericsson is running “Android is Ready to Play”. See more here.

Stella Artois is running “Crying Jean”. See more here.

Suzuki is running “Kizashi vs. Wicked Weather”.

Teleflora is running “Help Me Faith”, starring country singer Faith Hill. See more here.

Universal Pictures is running trailers for Cowboys & Aliens, and Fast Five.

Verizon Wireless is running “iPhone (Can You Hear Me Now?) Test”. (Since removed in the light of the new deal with Apple).

Volkswagen is running “The Force” (See the whole story) and “Black Beetle” (see the online experience).