Super Bowl 2010 Ads

Television commercials prepared for broadcast during the Super Bowl NFL Final, being played in Florida on Sunday February 7. The advertisements featured here will be joined by work for Budweiser, Bud Light, Coca Cola, Denny’s, Pop-Secret and Emerald Nuts and Dockers. Each of the campaigns has its own post here on The Inspiration Room.

Super Bowl 2010

Audi presents the A3 TDI as the “Green Car of the Year”, adapting Cheap Trick’s track, Dream Police to become Green Police. See more from the campaign here.

Boost Mobile recreated the Super Bowl Shuffle of the Chicago Bears as McMahon, Singletary, Dent, Otis, Speedy Willie, Fuller and Buford take to the stage again. See more on the campaign here. Julia Meyer, wife of the original producer and holder of the copyright, has stopped online hosting of the video on Youtube.

Bridgestone is running two commercials “Whale of a Tale” and “Your Tires or Your Life”. See more on the campaign here.

Five Bud Light commercials from Cannonball, St Louis, celebrate the light humour associated with Bud Light: “Asteroid”, “Stranded”, “Bud Light House of Beer”, “Voice Box (T-Pain) and Book Club. tells the story of Timothy Richman. He put out a grease fire from his highchair. Bypassed the training wheel stage while learning to ride a bike. Helped a damsel on the beach suffering from a jellyfish sting. Delivered breached Bengal cubs. And rescued a cheerleading squad from a tornado. Timothy Richman’s story isn’t exactly the oldest in the book. A genius? Perhaps. One thing’s for sure, with knowledge come confidence. See more on the campaign here.

Careerbuilder has one of the final nightmare workplace scenarios voted in to the top three for Hire My TV Ad, that was regarded as unsuitable for television. See the other two, along with interviews with applicants, here.

Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial “Sleepwalker” features a sleeping man rises and goes on a sleepwalking safari across the African savanna. Pulled subconsciously by his thirst, he shows its worth braving the teeth, trunks and jaws of the African night to enjoy an ice-cold Coke. See the campaign here. Hard Times features Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons discovering how precious a bottle of Coke is.

Denny’s has a warning alert out for chickens in town. Three spots are planned to promote a new giveaway offer which require the laying of many eggs. See more on the campaign here.

Dockers invites Super Bowl viewers to download and use the Shazam smartphone app to interact with the “Wear No Pants” commercial on Sunday. See more on the campaign here.

The Smackout is one of the Crash the Super Bowl Doritos commercials in the Finals for 2010. See the top six ads here.

Gene Simmonds from Kiss appears again as Dr Love in this Dr Pepper commercial.

Electronic Arts launches the new Dantes Inferno game is launched with a tag line, “Hell Awaits”. See more on the campaign here.

E Trade has a new batch of Baby commercials, including “Lottery” and “Barbershop”. See more on the campaign here, including a social networking E-Trade Baby Email widget.

FloTV Super Bowl commercial “Injury Report” features CBS Sports commentator Jim Nantz and “Driven Crazy”, featuring CBS Sports commentator James Brown.

FloTV “Moments” is a compilation of historical events and shared experiences that have united generations of television viewers. Set to acclaimed superstar will.i.ams remix of iconic rock band The Whos “My Generation,” will.i.ams fresh twist on the lyrics, underscoring the ways in which different generations are affected by technology and how viewers today consume content on the go. The song will be available for download on, and, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefitting Oxfam Americas Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Focus on the Family is running a Super Bowl spot in which Pam Tebow talks about her miracle baby, Tim Tebow, and the need to be tough.

Gatorade presents a 90 second commercial during the pre-game show, featuring the Journey of the twelve NFL teams who competed to become the number one. See more on the campaign here. has four videos to choose from for the two spots in the Super Bowl. See the campaign here.

Google aired “Parisian Love”, one of its heart warming “Search Stories”. See more on the campaign here.

HomeAway brings back Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo to reprise their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Clark Griswold from the popular “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movies. See more on the campaign here.

The Honda Crosstour is promoted by a an animated squirrel. See more on the Crosstour campaign here, including three earlier commercials from the series.

Hyundai is running eight commercials are being shown during the Super Bowl and the pre-game show. The two shown here are Brett Favre and Paint. See more on the campaign here.

Intel’s two spots, Generations and Lunchroom, will be rolled out during the pre-game show and during the game itself. No teasers, just a couple of private Youtube videos waiting to go public.

The banned ad from KGB – In The Hole. Don’t go through life with your head up your ass. Text your questions to 542542 for quick and accurate answers.

Kia’s 2010 Sorento ad, “Joy Ride”, features Sock Monkey, Muno, Mr X, Robot and Teddy Bear. See more on the campaign here.

Michelob has Lance Armstrong introduce the people who take part in the Michelob Ultra Life. This isn’t the version to be shown during the game however. has the fiddling beaver using to find a job as violinist.

Motorola brings on Megan Fox to unleash the power of Motoblur on the Devour, from her tub. See the story online here.

Orlando World promotes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The 2010 Taco Bell spot has the new NBA $5 Buck Box inspiring Charles Barkley to start penning a masterpiece.

Teleflora has Don Rickles providing the voiceover for the Talking Flowers spot.

Beyonce provides a plug for Vizo.