Sound and Music Companies

Sound and music companies specializing in music licensing, composition and production, audio post production, mixing, production and sound design, referred to at The Inspiration Room. Use our Submit Work form to send us your work to be featured on The Inspiration Room.

38 Greene, New York
740 Sound Design, Santa Monica
750 MPH, London

A-Bomb Music, London
Aberle Sound, New York
Agoraphone, New York
Al Media Movers, Hollywood
Alchemy Post, Melbourne
Alexander Nettelbeck Music, Melbourne
Altitude Music, London
Amber Music, London, New York, LA
AMX Audiophiles, Singapore
Analogik, Brisbane
Angell Sound, London
Animal Music, Buenos Aires, Miami
APM Music, Los Angeles
Apollo Studios, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles
Asche & Spencer, Venice, Minneapolis
Ask Musica y Publicidad, Madrid
Audio Militia, Johannesburg
Audio Network, Sydney
Audio Z, Montreal
AudioEngine, New York, Phoenix
Audioforce, Berlin, New York

B&S Studios, Cape Town
Bang, New York
Bang Bang Studios, Melbourne
Barrera Prod, Paris
Beacon Street Studios, Venice
Berwyn Audio, New York
BestFX, Adelaide
BETC Pop, Paris
Big Bang Sound, Sydney
Big Ears Audio, Melbourne
Big Foote, New York
Big Yellow Duck, New York
Black Iris, New York, Los Angeles, Richmond
Blast, New York
Blue Scout Music, Portland, USA
Blindfold Sound, Dallas, USA
Bluwi, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, New York
Boogie Studio, Montreal
White Horse, Hamburg
Brahmstedt White Noise, Minneapolis, Santa Monica
Brand Music, Melbourne
Breed, Dallas
Broadway Sound, New York
Butter, New York
Buttons NY, New York

Cantinero Music, New York.
Capitaine Plouf, Paris
Changeling Music, Melbourne
Chicago Recording Company, Chicago
Chris Blackwell, London
Cine Digital, Bangkok
Clearcut Sound, London
The Coopers, Auckland
Cordovan Music, Melbourne
Crescendo! Studios, San Francisco
Crushing Music, New York
Cutting Edge Group, London, Los Angeles

DadSon, Paris
Dare Music Marketing, Melbourne
David Fleury Music, Toronto
DBC Sound, Vancouver
DG Music House, Melbourne
DHMA, New York
Digital One, Portland
Dîner au Motel, Paris
Dreamscape Music, Los Angeles
Duotone Audio Group, Los Angeles, New York

Ear Goo, New York
Ear to Ear, Santa Monica
Eardrum, Sydney
Earforce, Amsterdam
Echolab, Dublin
Eggmen, New York
Egg Music, Minneapolis
Eggplant, Toronto
Electric Dreams, Melbourne
Eleven Sound, Santa Monica
Elias Arts, New York
Emoto Music, Los Angeles, Chicago
Endless Noise, Los Angeles
Enso, Brisbane, Sydney
Escuta, Sydney
Extreme Music, New York, Los Angeles, London

Felt Music, London
Final Sound, Melbourne
Finger Music, Los Angeles, London
Front of House, Melbourne
Future Perfect, Los Angeles

GGRP (Griffiths Gibson & Ramsay Productions Ltd.), Vancouver
Gas Inc, (Good Audio Sense), Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide
Glue Audio, Los Angeles
Grand Central Sound, London
Grayson Matthews, Toronto
Great Garbo, Zurich
The Gunnery, Singapore
Gusto Music, Melbourne

Hastings Audio Network, Hamburg, Zurich, London
Hear No Evil, London
HeyPapaLegend Studios, Cape Town, Johannesburg
Hoffman Sound, Chicago
Hum, Santa Monica
Human Worldwide, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Vienna
Hylton Mowday, Sydney

Imprint Music, Toronto

Jafbox Sound, New York
Jam, Sydney
Jeff Wayne Music, London
Jingle Bell, Bangkok
JSM Music, New York
Jungle Studios, London

Kaiser Sound Studios, Amsterdam
KBV Music, New York
Kog Studio, Auckland
Kouz-production, Paris

LA Studios, Los Angeles
La Casa Post Sound, Capital Federal, Argentina
Leap Music, London
Les Gock Sound Thinking, Sydney
Level Two Music, Melbourne
Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Lime Street Sound, Dublin
Liquid Studios, Auckland
Little Ears, Detroit
The Lodge, New York, Los Angeles
Look As Audio, Mexico

Machine Head, Venice
Mammoth Music, London
Margarita Mix, Santa Monica
MassiveMusic, Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai
MIT Out Sound, San Francisco
Molinare, Barcelona
Moxi Sound, Sydney
Music Design Systems, Perth
Music Mill, Sydney
Music Super Circus, Stockholm
Musikvergnuegen, Los Angeles
Mutato Muzika, Los Angeles
Mutiny, Dublin
Mystique Music, Los Angeles

Nasty Studios, Brisbane
New Math, Los Angeles
NHB, Hamburg
Nerd Music, Melbourne
No Problem Sonido, Buenos Aires
Noise International, Sydney
Noises Digital, San Francisco
Nutmeg Post, New York
NY Noise, New York
Nylon Studios, Sydney, New York

Oasis Post, Adelaide
ON Music and Sound, Los Angeles
One More Music Company, London
Out Loud Studios, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Oxygen Studios, Berlin

Papa Music, Buenos Aires
ParkerSczmith Music, Toronto
Phantom Audio, New York
Pivot Audio, Amsterdam
Plan8, Stockholm
Play Sound, Santa Monica
Playup Music, Melbourne
Pop Sound, Santa Monica
Produce Sound, Johannesburg
Promidi Music, Miami
Pulse Music, New York

Q Department, New York, Rotterdam
QQ Audio, (Quality Quartet) Amsterdam

Radford Music, London
Radium Audio, London
Rafael May Music, Sydney
Ravenswork, Venice
Raw Audio Production, Sao Paulo
Resnick Interactive, Los Angeles
Risk Sound, Melbourne
RMW Music, Toronto
Robot Repair, Los Angeles, New York
RobRoy Music, Johannesburg
Rocket Music, Sydney
Rumble Studios, Sydney

Sacred Noise, New York
Satelite Audio, Sao Paulo
Scandal Music, Chicago
Scramble, London
Search Party Music, New York
Singing Serpent, San Diego, New York
Sizzer, Amsterdam
Skywalker Sound, San Francisco
Smart Post Sound, Los Angeles
Smash Songs, Vancouver
Soft Light City, Cape Town
Soho Square Studios, London
Soho Studios, London
Sonart, Montreal
Song Zu, Sydney, Singapore
Sonic Union, New York
Sonicville, Brussels
Sound Arsenal Music, Los Angeles
Sound Lounge, New York
Sound One, New York
Sound Planet, Sydney
Sound Reservoir, Sydney
Soundbyte Studios, Perth
Soundelux Design Music Group, Los Angeles
Soundhouse, Tel Aviv
The Soundhouse Studios, London
Soundmind Productions, Ottawa
SoundReid, New York
Soundslave, Chicago
Soundsquare, Prague
Sounds and Sons, London, UK
Soundtrack, Boxton
Soundtrax, Auckland
Soundtree, London
Soundware Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Soundwell, Los Angeles, Chicago
Spank Music, Chicago
Speed of Sound, Sydney
Squeak E Clean, Los Angeles
Stage & Motion, Toronto
Sterling Sound, New York
Stimmung, Santa Monica
Sunstrange Music, New York
Supreme Music, Hamburg
Swing Musica, Buenos Aires

Take 2, Sydney
TDL Music, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo
THE, Paris
Tomer Biran, New York, Tel Aviv
Tonal Sound, New York
Tonic Music, London
Trivers & Myers, Los Angeles
Twins Music, Buenos Aires

Vapor Music, Toronto
Verbatim Studios, New York
Volume Music & Sound, San Francisco
Voodoo Sound, Sydney

Wave Studios, London
Whirled Music, New York
White Horse Music, Hamburg
Woodwork Music, London

Zelig Sound, London