Post Production Companies

Post production is production that occurs after filming and recording. Editing, telecine, film transfer, visual effects, animation are covered by companies on this page, many of which have work featured here at The Inspiration Room. See also our list of sound and music production and post production companies. Use our Submit Work form to send us your work to be featured on The Inspiration Room.

1000 Volt, Istanbul
2 and a half D, Auckland
30 Second Films, Auckland
422, Manchester
424 Post, Los Angeles
501 Post, Austin
567VFX, Toronto
89 Edit (now closed)

A52, Santa Monica
Absolute Post, London, New York
Accomplice, Boston
Acht Frankfurt Digital Solutions, Frankfurt
Ace Post, London
Active Motion, Melbourne
Airbag Productions, Melbourne
Alchemy Post, Melbourne
All Effects, Toronto
All Things Post, New York
Alter Ego, Toronto
Alt.VFX, Brisbane
Andromines de TV, Barcelona
Anima Vitae, Helsinki
Animal Logic, Sydney
HecticprojeX, Amsterdam
Andromines de TV, Barcelona
Antrepo 3D, Istanbul
Encore Post, London
Asylum FX, Santa Monica
Asylum Models & Effects, London
Atomo VFX, Sao Paulo
Avenue Edit (closed 2008)
AXYZ, Toronto

Baked FX, Los Angeles
Barraca Post, Buenos Aires
Bean Colour, Sydney
Beast Editorial, New York, Los Angeles, Austin
Berwyn Editorial, New York
Big Lazy Robot, Barcelona
Big Sky Editorial, New York
Big Yellow Duck, New York
Bijou Editorial, Toronto
Bikini, Lisbon
Bikini Edit, New York
BlackGinger, Cape Town
Blackhouse FX, Sao Paulo
Black Mountain, Stuttgart
Blue Post Production, London
BlueRock, New York
Bonch, Los Angeles
Box Post, Buenos Aires
Brandname, New York
Brickyard VFX, Santa Monica
BUF, Paris, Los Angeles
Bug Editorial, New York, Los Angeles
Butcher Edit, Los Angeles
The Butchery, Melbourne
Buttons NY, New York

Capitol Productions, Sydney
Carbon VFX, New York
Charlie Uniform Tango, Houston, Dallas
Charlex, New York
Che Revolution Post, Buenos Aires
Chemical Effects, Los Angeles
Eddy, Paris
Chris Chynoweth, Detroit
Chrome Editorial, Los Angeles
Cinelicious, Los Angeles
Cinnabar, Los Angeles
Cinnamon VFX, Kiev
Cinecolor, Buenos Aires
Cinevision, Los Angeles
CineRed, Jakarta
Clan VFX, Sao Paulo
Clear Cut Pictures, London
Colorbitor, Bucharest, Los Angeles
Company 3, Santa Monica, New York
Complete Post, Melbourne
Concrete Post, London
Condor, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Cape Town, Kiev
Congaz, Dusseldorf, Berlin
Consulate, New York
Content Post, London
Cosmo Street, Los Angeles
Creature Effects, Los Angeles
Crush, Toronto
Crew Cuts, New York
Curious Pictures, New York
Custom Effects, Barcelona
The Cut Club, Miami
Cut + Run, Los Angeles, New York, London
Cutters, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Tokyo
Cutting Edge, Brisbane
The Cutting Room Films, New York

Das Werk, Berlin
Deliverance, Cape Town
Deepend Post Production, Johannesburg
Dept of Motion Graphics, Auckland
Delapost, Paris, Warsaw
Devlin Video, New York
Digipost, Auckland
Digital Accomplice, Emeryville
Digital Difference, Santa Monica
Digital District
Digital Domain, Venice
Digital Pictures, Melbourne
DMC Digital, Sydney
Dogbone, Singapore
Dot & Effects, Los Angeles
DPost, Buffalo

Edgard Allan Post, Buenos Aires
The Editors, Sydney
Edit Or Die, Stockholm
Editpool, London
Eight VFX, Los Angeles
Electric Theatre Collective, London
Elephant Head Productions, Sydney
Elephant Post, Santa Monica, New York
El Ranchito, Madrid
The Embassy VFX, Vancouver
Emerald City, Sydney
Envy Post Production, London
Exopolis, Los Angeles
Eye Candy Animation, Sydney, Canberra
Eye Goo, New York

Family Editing, London
Famous Studios, Mumbai
The Farm Group, London
Fatlabs, Mississauga, Toronto
Filaments Visual Effects, Los Angeles
Film Cut, London, Edinburgh
The Film Editors, London (closed)
Film Effects, Auckland
Filmcore, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco
Filmworkers Club, Chicago, Nashville, Dallas
Filmworks FX, Los Angeles
Final Cut, Los Angeles, London, New York
Fin Design, Sydney
Fischer Edit, Minneapolis
Fort VFX, Toronto
Foundation Content (FC Studio), Chicago, Los Angeles
FSM – Frame Set Match, Sydney
Framestore, London, Los Angeles
Front Productions, Budapest
Fuel FX, Sydney

General Editorial, Los Angeles
Geronimo Post and Design, Tel Aviv
Giant Steps, Los Angeles
Gimmick VFX, Copenhagen
Glassworks, London, Amsterdam
Global Effects, Los Angeles
Go Robot, New York
Golden Square, London
Gradient Effects, Los Angeles
Gramercy Post, New York
Green Leaf Studios, Chengdu
Greenhouse Studios, Burbank
Grid VFX, Ghent
Grupo de Leon, Mexico
Guerilla FX, New York (now Xenon)
Guillotine, Sydney
Gyar, Budapest

Halo Post, London
Hectic Electric, Amsterdam
Hi-Ground Media, Culver City
The Hive, Los Angeles
Holscope, Melbourne
Homestead Editorial, New York
Hunter Gatherer, New York
Hutchco Technologies, Los Angeles
Jack Hutchings, Sydney

IlegalFX, Sao Paulo
Iloura, Melbourne
Images & Sound, Auckland
Images Post, Sydney
Imagina, Barcelona
Imaginary Forces, Los Angeles
Imas Blue, Barcelona
Infinite Frameworks, Singapore
Infinia, Madrid
Ingenuity Studios, Los Angeles
Ingreme, Lisbon
Intelligent Creatures, Toronto

James Post, Helsinki
Jelly Editorial, Los Angeles
Jigsaw Editorial, Los Angeles
JMB Post, Vancouver
JMS Special Effects, Toronto
Joint Editorial, Amsterdam, New York, Portland
Just Add Water, New York

KiLn Media, Brisbane
Kilt Studios, Los Angeles
King Cut, Los Angeles
Kouz Production, Paris
Kream, London

La Maison, Paris
Lava Studio, Miami
Leap Studios, Jeddah
Left Post Production, Cape Town, Johannesburg
Legacy Effects, San Fernando
Level 3 Post, Los Angeles
Liga_01 Computer Film, Hamburg, Munich
Light of Day, New York
Liquid Images, Los Angeles
Liquid VFX
Logan, Los Angeles
Loki Visual Effects, Toronto
Lost Planet
Lucky Post, Dallas
Lume, London

Mac Guff Ligne, Paris
Mackenzie Cutler, New York
Mad FX Studio, Sao Paulo
Mad Mad Judy, New York
Mad River Post, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco
Manic, New York
Marshall Street Editors, London
Maxx Digital, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles
Masataka Kawano, Sydney
Massmarket, New York
MCOM, Islamabad
Mercenario Hospital Post, Mexico City
Method Studios, Los Angeles, New York
Metrovision, Buenos Aires
MFX, Kuala Lumpur
Milkshake Media, Dubai
Mike Reed & Partners (MRPPP), Melbourne, Sydney
Mikros Image, Paris
Mirror and Smoke, Ahmedabad, India
The Mill, London, New York, Los Angeles
Ministry of Illusion, Johannesburg
Molinare, Barcelona
Molinare Post, London
Moondog Edit, New York
Mosa FX, Royal Oak, Michigan
Motion Theory, Venice
The Moving Picture Company (MPC), London
Munky, London

N/A Films, Vancouver
Naissance, San Francisco
NASA FX, Barcelona
Native Post, Auckland
ND Studios, Buffalo, NY
Neptune Post, Los Angeles
New Hat, Santa Monica
Nice Shoes, New York
Nineteen Twenty Post, London
No6 Edit, Los Angeles, New York
Nomad, Los Angeles
Northern Lights, New York
Nostromo, Stockholm
Notch, Toronto
The Now Corporation, New York
Nozon, Brussels
Ntropic, Los Angeles, NY, San Francisco

Oasis Post, Adelaide
Oktobor, Auckland
One of Us, London
Optimus, Chicago, Los Angeles
Orchestra Blue Post, Johannesburg
Oriental Post, Bangkok
Origami Digital, Los Angeles
Out Loud Studios, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Outpost Digital, New York
Outside Edit, New York

Panic and Bob, Toronto
Park Road, Wellington
Peep Show Post, London
Perceptual Engineering, Auckland
Phoenix Editorial, San Francisco
Picture Front, Hamburg, Munich
Picture Talks Productions, Auckland
Pistolera Post, Los Angeles
Pixel Farm, Minneapolis
Pixel Liberation Front, Venice
Pixion, Mumbai, Antwerp
Plank Editorial, San Francisco
Platige Image, Warsaw
Pocket Post, Melbourne
Point 360, Los Angeles
Pop Postproduktion, Hamburg
Post Control, Helsinki
Post FactoryNY, New York
The Post Lounge, Brisbane, Gold Coast
PostMedia, Buenos Aires
Post Millennium, New York
Post Moderne, Montreal
The Post Office, Beirut
Post Op, Dallas, New York
Post Op Group, Sydney
Postbox, Sydney
Posterboy, Toronto
The Posthouse, Jakarta
Postique, Southfield, MI
Postmodern Editorial, London
Postmodern, Sydney
Postoffice Amsterdam, Amsterdam
PostPanic, Amsterdam
PostWorks, New York
The Precinct, Sydney
Preditors, London
Priest, Cape Town
Prime Focus, Hollywood, London, Mumbai
PS 260, New York
Public VFX, Los Angeles
Psyop, Los Angeles, New York
Kaplan Thaler Group, New York
Public VFX, Los Angeles

QuietMan, New York

Radium, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Dallas
Reality Check Systems, Los Angeles
Rebel Editorial, London, Milan, Rome
Red Car, New York, Miami
Redrum Post, Stockholm
Relish Editing, Toronto
The Refinery, Cape Town
Resolution, Los Angeles
Resolution Design, Sydney
RhinoFX, New York (now Gravity)
Rhino Moon Captioning, Austin
Ring of Fire, Los Angeles, New York
Ringside Creative, Oak Park
Riot, New York
Riot Postproduction, Johannesburg
Rival Editorial, Los Angeles (closed)
Robot, Sydney
Robota, Prague
Rock Paper Scissors, Santa Monica
Rocket Science, Auckland
Rogue Post, Toronto
Rooster Post, Toronto
Rough House Editorial, San Francisco
Roush Media, Burbank
Rushes, London

Sauce, Auckland
Scanline VFX, Dusseldorf, Munich, Los Angeles, Vancouver
Schönheitsfarm Production, Hamburg, Düsseldorf
School Editing, Toronto
Shoot Post, Gothenburg
Screen Scene, Dublin
Searle Street Post, Cape Town
Sea Level, Los Angeles
Semerad, New York
Serena, Madrid
Shoot & Post, Gothenburg
Shortcut Norge, Oslo
Sight Effects, Los Angeles
Skulley Effects, Los Angeles
Slice Editorial, Seattle
Smash Editorial, Vancouver
Smile Edit, Los Angeles
Smoke & Mirrors, London, New York, Shanghai
Soda Post, Toronto
Soho Post, Toronto
Sol Design, Chicago
Somnio Studios, London
Sons and Daughters, Toronto
Space Patrol, Paris
Spacial Harmonics Group, Los Angeles
Speade, London
Speedshape, Detroit, Los Angeles, London.
Spin VFX, Toronto
Splash FX, Johannesburg
Splice, Minneapolis
Spotnik, Minneapolis
Spot Welders, London, New York, Los Angeles
SPOV, London
Spy Post, San Francisco
Stitch Editing, London, Los Angeles
Stir Post, Chicago
Stopp, Stockholm
Storm Post Production, Amsterdam
Sunset Edit, Los Angeles
Surreal World, Melbourne
Suspect, New York
Sway Studio, Culver City
Swiss, Stockholm
Switch FX, New York
The Syndicate, Los Angeles

TANQ, New York
Tait Gallery, Sydney
Tantrum Design, Toronto
The Lab, Sydney
The Mission Studio, Los Angeles
The Quarry, London
The Syndicate, Los Angeles
Tantrum Design, Toronto
Tide Edit, Melbourne
Timber, Los Angeles
Titan Creative, Cape Town
Todd-AO, Burbank, Santa Monica, Hollywood
Tonic Post, Vancouver
Topix, Toronto
Trace VFX, Mumbai, New York
Traffik Edit, Toronto
Triangle, London
Tribbo Post, Sao Paulo
Tricky Media, Melbourne
Troika Design Group, Los Angeles
Two Little Indians, Brisbane

Umlaut Films, San Francisco
Union Editorial, Los Angeles
UPP, Prague
Upstairs Post, Cape Town

VCC, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg
Vendetta Post, Los Angeles
Venice Beach Editorial, Los Angeles
Version2, New York
VHQ Media, Singapore
Vilks, Riga, Latvia
Visual Playground, Melbourne

Waterfront Post, Cape Town
Watertron Digital Media, London
The Whitehouse Post, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London
Wild(child), New York
Wilshire Editorial, Los Angeles
Winning Post, Sydney
Work Post, London
WOVA, Los Angeles
Wrks, Amsterdam

X1FX, Los Angeles (closed 2009)
XChanges VFX, Milan

Zoic Studios, Culver City, Vancouver