Australian Stereotypes In TV Ads

English teachers looking at critical literacy in Queensland can require their students to explore stereotyping in Australian media. What better place to start than television advertisements? There are, at last count, 480 Australian advertisements reviewed on this site, available through the Australia filter. Each of the ads listed here is written up, with a YouTube link, and in many cases has details about where to download the video. Click on the links provided (dotted red line indicates a hyperlink).

VB The Regulars Newspaper Lift Out print advertisement

The best place to begin is with the VB Regulars commercial, written up here.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Possible stereotypes of Australian culture

1. Gender representations

Men and beer

Carlton MID Bloke Bots, Hahn Premium Light Gondola, Carlton Midstrength Sheds, Carlton Draught Big Ad, Castlemaine XXXX, Carlton Draught Canoe, Tooheys Tall Men.

Men and cars

Ford Courier Barbecue, Honda CRV Dress For It, Ford Ranger Legendary Tough.

Women as sex objects

Lipton Ice Tea Beach, Hahn Premium Light Gondola/, Lynx Jet, Natures Organic, Drumstick Summer Ritual at the pool, Hahn Super Dry Love Heart, Bundaberg Rum Bundy Bear, Lynx Jet Award, Antz Pantz Sic Em Rex.

Men as useless Dads

Great Wall of China Rabbits


Ingham Chicken Swearing Mum

Aussie mum, home, the barbie
Virgin Blue Muffs, AAPT Tell It Like It Is, McDonalds Pasta See Things, Special K Remember You, Canon Selphy Domino Effect, ABC Ironing is Wonderful

2. The Larrikin, the Aussie battler, Crocodile Dundee

Coke Zero Bus Surfer, Hahn Spa Bomb, Nandos Ruffle Feathers, Real Aussie, Robbo Gets Start Mortgage, Steve Irwin Quarantine, Farmers Union Iced Coffee History.

3. The surfer, the surfer chick

Lipton Ice Tea Beach

4. Sports Lovers

Toyota AFL Moments, NRMA Broncos, Rugby Butterflies, Nike Keep the Ball Alive, I Am Australian, VB Boony and Beefy, Powerade Socceroos, Qantas Football Taking Off

5. Work environments

Nine MSN Turn Your Back AAPT Tell It Like It Is, Heinz Absolute Cockroach, Carlton Draught Canoe, Australia Post Days of the Week, Yellow Pages Not Happy Jan

6. The Australian bush

Not All Aussie

7. Ethnicities: Asians, Lebanese, Wogs, Aborigines

MTV Budgie Smugglers, UN Badmouth, Finnish Sauce.

8. Disabilities

Radiohead Fan, Assistance Dogs Phone, Special Olympics Office

9. Intolerance of dishonesty

Absolut Cut The Crap, Lipton Ice Beach, Mechanic

10. Queensland Outdoor Living

Suncorp Aint No Sunshine, Where Else But Queensland

11. Youth

Starburst Party

12. Australian tourism

Where the Bloody Hell Are You? and Spoof

13. Australian Soldiers

Rise Up Recruitment

14. Religion without religion

Jesus all about life

15. Australians as Meat Eaters

Red Meat Evolution, Sam Neill on Instinct, Sam Kekovich Vote Lamb.

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