Virgin Radio Making Music

The Epica Awards Grand Prix for Press has gone to Virgin Radio Lebanon 89.5 FM advertising campaign “Making Music”. Three print advertisements graphically present the thinking process that could have gone into writing the lyrics for Michael Jackson’s 1983 track “Billie Jean”, The Police 1983 track “Every Breath You Take” and Nirvana’s 1992 track “Come as you are”. “If you knew what it took, you wouldn’t steal it – say No to piracy”. 95% of music distributed in the Middle East is downloaded illegally. Rampant piracy has not just harmed the industry, but has also put the entire region in the spotlight for the wrong reason. The campaign’s objective was to persuade those who enjoy and appreciate music to give it a second thought before downloading. The campaign, launched in 2013, was awarded with Gold at the Dubai Lynx Awards in March 2014 and has gone on to win recognition through the year.

Virgin Radio Come As You Are

Google Night Walk in Marseille

Google’s Night Walk in Marseille experience has won the Grand Prix for Digital at the Epica Awards. Launched in April 2014, the digital experience showcases Google Maps and Google Search technology. The Google Story film at the heart of the campaign follows French woman Julie Muer as she explores the streets of Marseilles, documenting the places and people she discovers along the way, to create ‘Promenades Sonores’. The digital interactive experience, online at nightwalk.withgoogle.com, invites people from around the world to join Julie on an interactive Streetview tour of the city at night. Users use Google Maps to experience one of Julie’s walks through the neighbourhoods of Marseille, taking in 360 degree panoramic views, read facts about the city from Google and watch live performances of musicians playing on the streets, and artists creating wall murals.

Google Nightwalk in Marseille

GE and The Boy Who Beeps

GE’s The Boy Who Beeps commercial has been awarded with the Grand Prix for Film at the Epica Awards. The commercial tells the story of a boy who is born with the ability to talk to machines. His conversation with technology evolves from moving his toys around and changing the television channel to communicating with the electrical grid, traffic light, aviation and medical systems. Launched in early September 2014, the cinema and television advertising campaign promotes GE’s commitment to industrial internet.

GE The Boy Who Beeps

Mulberry Win Christmas

Mulberry, the UK luxury bag company, is running #WinChristmas, an integrated Christmas advertising campaign presenting a lighthearted approach to gift giving. A 90 second online film shows a young woman opening presents from her nearest and dearest, each new present trumping the one that preceded it. A portrait painted by her sister is immediately bettered by a (waving) puppy from her parents, only to in turn be trumped by a unicorn from her boyfriend. Just when it seems the bar can’t be raised any higher, grandma delivers the present to eclipse all presents – a Mulberry Bayswater bag (in Hibiscus pink, of course). The #WinChristmas campaign includes press, Facebook creatives, in-store window displays, visual merchandising, social competitions and a website app featuring a Christmas gift finder.

Mulberry #WinChristmas Grandmother

AllKotes Print Finishing App Launched

AllKotes, the Australian Print Finisher company, has launched an iPhone and iPad app designed to promote the company’s special effects, lamination and coating product range. The app, available free on iTunes App Store, uses a range of photographs to demonstrate micromotion, lenticular technology, laminations, spot coatings, metallised films, foil stamping and embossing, coatings and encapsulations. Special products featured include WetKote, a coating that enables water to make the top layer disappear to temporarily reveal another image beneath. Other innovative products featured on the Allkotes Print Finishing App include ChalkKote, FaceKote, GlowKote, ThermoKote and ScentKote.

Allkotes App with Reflectakote