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Ebola Hazmat Suit More Than a Costume

Doctors of the World has launched “More Than a Costume”, a response to this year’s Halloween trend of dressing up in Ebola Hazmat suits. A popular disguise-of-choice for many and a horrifying example of bad taste to others, the Ebola Hazmat suit is both a scary reality and much needed necessity for the thousands of health workers in West Africa risking their own lives to save others. Doctors of the World USA wants to shift the focus off the costume controversy and on to the real need which is to raise funds for health workers and this essential protective gear. If you know someone, see someone or are someone wearing a fake Ebola costume this Halloween, help fund a real one to save lives. The campaign is centered on a microsite where users can fund anything from a glove, to a whole suit and even a doctor.

More Than A Costume - Ebola Hazmat Suit

O2 Possessed House with Smart Tech

O2, the British telco, launched “Possessed” this week in the lead up to Halloween. Samsung devices and apps were used alongside Philips lighting to create a haunted house week in Princelet Street, Shoreditch. Celebrities Lucy Watson, Rylan Clark and Helen Flanagan were invited to take a brave step inside the house to witness the suspense and sudden spooks. Over 50,000 O2 customers registered for free tickets through the O2 Priority app in only one weekend. Upon arrival visitors were led through five ‘haunted’ rooms, each powered by a range of connected technology. All smart tech was controlled by O2 Gurus phones and tablets to create a fun, frightening and unforgettable experience.

O2 Possessed

BBC Lifetime of Original British Drama

BBC has launched “A Lifetime of Original British Drama”, a trailer promoting the 2015 drama season, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict reads William Shakespeare’s monologue All the World’s A Stage, from As You Like It, as the trailer celebrates moments from seminal dramas past, present and future. The seven ages of human life are used as a framework: infancy, whining schoolboy, the lover, the soldier, the justice, old age and incapacity. The interactive version, online at, allows viewers to click on the hotspots to watch previews of upcoming dramas.

Benedict Cumberbatch

OK Go I Won’t Let You Down

OK Go has partnered with Honda to launch the music video for “I Won’t Let You Down”, featuring the band riding UNI-CUB personal mobility devices along with Japanese school girl dancers and techno-pop trio Perfume. The video concept was inspired by the band’s visit to Robot Restaurant in Tokyo where girls in bikinis battle enormous Transformer-style robots, helped by Daft Punk-style storm troopers on Tron motorcycles. Japanese creative director Morihiro Harano and choreographer Air:Man worked with Kazuaki Seki (Perfume) and Damian Kulash, Jr (OK Go) to shoot band members and umbrella-wielding dancers carrying out Busby Berkeley inspired moves on a warehouse site in Chiba, near Tokyo. An octocopter camera drone ascending from the site was used to capture aerial views of yellow, green, red and blue geometric shapes, lyrics and faces below before panning out in silence to views of Tokyo. OK GO are hosting the video on, along with interviews, pre-visualisation video and information on the Honda UNI-CUB.

OK Go I Won't Let You Down music video

Myer Find Wonderful

Myer, the Australian department store chain, has launched “Find Wonderful”, an integrated advertising campaign focusing on the desires and aspirations of its customer base. At the campaign is a commercial distributed on television, cinema, online and in-store media, starring Adelaide actress Tilda Cobham-Hervey. Tilda interacts with an animated world as she interacts with Myer brands Maticevski, Alex Perry, Kate Sylvester, Giambattista Valli and Ellery. Read on for the video, the behind-the-scenes film, information on the associated interactive campaign, and insights from Myer executive staff.

Myer Find Wonderful