BMW Innovation

BMW in the UK is celebrating the 100 year anniversary with BMW Innovation, a series of striking press adverts that demonstrate the innovative technology available within the range of cars. In an unusual departure from traditional car advertising, the press adverts do not feature a car at all; instead, a road is seen from the perspective of the driver, set in three dramatic landscapes. Each execution demonstrates a different function of the car and how this advanced technology makes driving as enjoyable as possible. All copy reiterates the messaging of the 100 year celebrations, which highlights the brilliance of BMW technology and look towards the next 100 years of ‘Ultimate Driving Pleasure’. The adverts run as a series, accompanied by a final advert of a BMW, featuring the 100 year anniversary signet and the caption ‘No Other Car is More Connected.’ The series is connected to the site,

BMW Innovation print ad - Intelligent Emergency Call - A car that calls for help when you can't

Snickers Hungerithm

Mars Chocolate Australia has introduced the SNICKERS® Hungerithm, a hunger algorithm that monitors the mood of the Internet, and then lowers SNICKERS prices accordingly. The Internet gets a little angry when it’s hungry. The angrier people get, the cheaper SNICKERS® get, with prices updating over 140 times a day and dropping to as low as 82% off the normal shelf price. For example, if Donald Trump receives Republican Party endorsement, the price of a SNICKERS® could plummet to 50 cents. Built on a 3,000-word lexicon, the Hungerithm determines online mood by analysing around 14,000 social posts a day. It even understands slang, sarcasm and variations in context. To claim their SNICKERS®, users simply visit and click “Get A SNICKERS®” to generate a unique barcode and head to any one of 7-Eleven’s 630 stores around the country. No downloading apps or printing vouchers is required. The nationwide Snickers Hungerithm campaign, online at, runs until June 27 and includes video, digital, outdoor, PR and social elements that generate and respond to conversation around real world events.

Snickers Hungerithm site

Special Dog Knows Too Much

Special Dog, a pet food manufacturer in Brazil, normally focuses advertising on the sentimental relationship between humans, dogs and cats. Sao Paulo advertising agency DM9DDB has produced a creative and disruptive campaign exploring the companionship of dogs and the importance of offering the best dog food we have. Three films, Sofa, Widow and Bondage, show dog owners caught in intimate and personal situations that normally wouldn’t be shared with anyone.

Special Dog Knows Too Much. Feed Him Well.

Fujitsu Digital Transformations

Fujitsu is continuing their focus on human centric innovation and digital transformation with Digital Transformations, a commercial using a mixture of front and back projections, 3D projection mapping and a state-of-the-art holographic projection technique. Found, a London-based film company, had the challenge of creating a film with a multitude of characters and locations as well as visual effects and animation, all within the confines of a 32ft sq white cube. All VFX and animations in the film were shot entirely in-camera, using various projection techniques. ‘Holo-gauze’ was used for all the info-graphics. This is a virtually transparent projection gauze that, under the correct lighting conditions, can create the effect of 3D holograms. Working with Projection Artworks, the team created a new and unique viewing angle for each individual shot. The end result brings together a father connecting remotely with his children’s dietary choices, a retail shopping experience, a farmer monitoring livestock, keeping remote workers safe, and making city traffic fluid.

Fujitsu Digital Transformations

Adele Send My Love To Your Lover

Adele has released the music video for “Send My Love (To Your Lover), the third single from her album 25, following “Hello” and “When We Were Young.” Shot in a London studio, the film splices layers upon layer of Adele singing and dancing against a black background. Film director Patrick Daughters explains the thinking behind the shoot. “Ghosts in this case are versions of ourselves that remain stuck at particular point in the past. So when Adele sings about letting go of all of our ghosts, I picture other versions of her that are in a different place than where she is now.”

Adele Send My Love (To Your Lover) music video