Aldi Christmas Friend on The Moon

Aldi has spoofed John Lewis’ “Man on the Moon” Christmas campaign with a tactical ad marketing telescopes. The Aldi Christmas Friend ad features its own lonely old man living on the moon, who compares the price of a telescope sold by John Lewis with a cheaper one sold by Aldi. He points to the John Lewis one and says “I like this one”, then the price of £109.95 appears on screen; then he points at the Aldi telescope and says “And I like this one”, then the price of £69.99 appears on screen. He then looks through the Aldi telescope and exclaims “But I’m over the moon with this one!” It is revealed that he has spotted a Jean Jones floating through space towards him on an armchair with balloons. Jean Jones first appeared in the 2011 “Aldi Like Brands” campaign in which she displayed her penchant for gin.

Aldi Christmas Friend Man on the Moon

Happy Place

When Black Friday’s over, have you ever wondered what happens to the unsold toys left on the shelf? Tom Jenkins & Simon Sharp, aka Sharp & Jenkins, have produced “Happy Place”, a short film exploring the fantasies of unsold toys. Filmed in the UK and Nevada, USA, “Happy Place” shows a radio controlled Maisto Rock Crawler travelling to a far-off destination to engage in off-road action and on-road racing. Happy Place follows on from the viral success of the Google Streetview film Address Is Approximate and projected car chase The World’s Tiniest Police Chase.

Happy Place title

Smart Energy GB Requiem for Meters

Smart Energy GB is raising awareness of the rollout of smart meters in the UK with “Requiem for Meters”, a three minute orchestral piece performed on instruments made from old gas and electricity meters. Members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the recital at Abbey Road Studios, playing music by composer/director Gary Tarn, on custom-made instruments designed by Paul Jefferies. Instruments include electric meter violins, cellos made from empty gas meters, a timpani drum constructed from 18 gas meters welded together, a gas meter spring glockenspiel, The music is being released as a free track through Spotify as well as on the Smart Energy GB website. The campaign includes a music video featuring the outdated meters, a film of the Abbey Road recital, and a behind-the-scenes video.

Requiem for Meters

CIL Beauty on a small budget

CIL (Canadian Industries Limited) is promoting the CIL Premium Paint + Primer $29 deal with “Beauty on a small Budget”, a commercial featuring a miniature room. DDB Canada created a real looking miniature room and gave it a makeover with CIL Premium applied with mini rollers and brushes, along with a few mini design accents like new pillows and lamps. “It’s easy to get a premium look without paying a premium price”

CIL Beauty on a small budget miniature paintbrush and paint tin

Bobble challenges Live For Once trend

Seventh Generation, the environmentally minded cleaning, paper and personal care products company, is running a satirical advertising campaign promoting Bobble, its water bottle brand. The “Live For Once” spoof ad at the heart of the campaign introduces a fake brand, “Once”, associated with the one-use trend amongst young adults. The Bobble “End The Trend” push is connected not only with the Bobble water bottle, but also with the Bobble Infuse and Bobble Insulate product line.

Bobble Once pool in End The Trend commercial