Bobble challenges Live For Once trend

Seventh Generation, the environmentally minded cleaning, paper and personal care products company, is running a satirical advertising campaign promoting Bobble, its water bottle brand. The “Live For Once” spoof ad at the heart of the campaign introduces a fake brand, “Once”, associated with the one-use trend amongst young adults. The Bobble “End The Trend” push is connected not only with the Bobble water bottle, but also with the Bobble Infuse and Bobble Insulate product line.

Bobble Once pool in End The Trend commercial

ASDA Because It’s Christmas

ASDA, the British supermarket chain, is connecting with the Christmas season this year with #BecauseItsChristmas, an upbeat advertising campaign. The opening commercial in the campaign shows the lengths people go to get into the festive spirit and uses real-life examples from a customer poll. Five second ads are supported by cinema and digital outdoor ads including giant 3D boards featuring antlers and Christmas trees in Leeds and Manchester. The ongoing digital campaign includes a series called “Dogs Do Christmas”. The ASDA Because Its Christmas campaign will include Star Wars tie in activity ahead of the opening of The Force Awakens in cinemas in December.

ASDA Christmas dogs

Warburtons Giant Crumpet Show

Warburtons, the British bakery, has launched the Warburtons Giant Crumpet Show, an advertising campaign featuring The Muppets and chairman Jonathan Warburton. The 120-second commercial is part of a £25 million campaign to launch the bakery brand’s new Giant Crumpet’s range, claiming the only way to make the UK favourite better, is to make it bigger. The commercial features Kermit the Frog, Pepe the Prawn, the Swedish Chef, Fozzie Bear, Statler and Waldorf, Sweetums, and Miss Piggy, who run through a revised version of their opening number to convince Jonathan Warburton to sponsor their show. Look out for references to Donald Trump, I heart Bolton, and a reference to the Manchester Arndale shopping centre. The campaign includes the 2 minute commercial, a 1.30 behind-the-scenes video, a 1.40 minute sing-a-long version, and a 20 second answer to a commonly asked question about Giant Crumpets.

Warburtons Giant Crumpet Show

Shiseido High School Girls?

Shiseido, the Japanese hair care and cosmetics manufacturer, along with Japanese film production company Watts of Tokyo, has won the Grand Prix for Film at the 2015 Epica Awards. The film “Shiseido High School Girls”, takes us into a classroom in which attractive students look at the camera, made up in Shiseido’s products. Halfway through the film we’re let into the secret behind the high school girls appearance. A student holds a book in which the Japanese words translated into English read, “Did you realize that there are boys in this classroom?”. The tagline, written on paper at the end, “Anyone can be cute”. The campaign is online at shiseido.co.jp/highschoolgirl.

Shiseido High School Girls

MINI Traffic Lights in Vienna

MINI Austria and Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann have picked up the Epica Awards Outdoor Grand Prix for “MINI Traffic Lights”, a set of creative rolling digital billboard installations in Vienna. In order to remind drivers of the playfulness and agility of the classic MINI, scrolling billboards were placed at highly frequented locations in Vienna, perfectly synchronized with the traffic lights right next to them. Every time the light changed, the MINI changed, from Blazing Red to Volcanic Orange to British Racing Green and back. “Es ist rot. Oder wie wit sage: Blazing Red” (It is red. Or as we call it: Blazing Red). The Epica award follows on from the Golden Drum Grand Prix awarded in October.

MINI Traffic Lights Red