Benny and Lenny in Great Clips

Great Clips, the US/Canada hair salon franchise, is strengthening a reputation for off-beat advertising with “Benny and Lenny”, a commercial featuring an abandoned ventriloquist dummy, Lenny. What is it that might have led Benny to leave Lenny alone on the stage? And will their partnership be able to continue when Lenny sees what Benny has done at Great Clips?

Benny & Lenny in Great Clips commercial

NHS Better Left Unsaid

NHS in the UK is running “Better Left Unsaid”, a series of commercials connecting with Valentine’s Day, encouraging people to tell their loved ones about their decision to become an organ donor. The three commercials present humorous clangers that just should never be said during a date. Shot in a restaurant setting, the films are a montage of witty, surreal, awkward and laugh out loud funny interactions between couples. Each film ends with the endline: “Share your organ donation decision with a loved one this Valentine’s.”

NHS Better Left Unsaid

OK Go Upside Down & Inside Out

OK Go has released “Upside Down & Inside Out”, a music video filmed in zero gravity on an S7 Airlines plane in Russia. OK Go partnered with Russian airline S7 Airlines, connecting with the airline’s mission of empowering people to chase their dreams. The motto for this project was a lyric from the song: “Gravity’s just a habit.”. Released on Facebook Video on February 11, the OK Go Upside Down & Inside Out music video has already had 30 million views. It’s great timing, considering this week’s public announcement of discovery of clear gravitational wave signal, ripples in spacetime first predicted by Albert Einstein.

OK Go Upside Down Inside Out

Chemical Brothers Wide Open

British electronic music band The Chemical Brothers has launched a music video for “Wide Open”, featuring the dancing of professional dancer Sonoya Mizuno and a vocal track by Beck. Visual effects produced at the Mill make it possible for Mizuno to gradually turn into a fully 3D printed structure as she dances around the studio, mixing mechanical and organic.

Chemical Brothers Wide Open music video dancer

Michelob Breathe

Michelob ULTRA is presented as the beer brewed for those who go the extra mile in “Breathe”, a commercial launched during the 2016 Super Bowl. “Breathe” highlights the many ways that Michelob ULTRA drinkers put in the effort to live an active, balanced life. The commercial is designed to promote the idea that enjoying a beer socially and living an active life don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Michelob Breathe under water