Kim Kardashian T-Mobile Data Stash

T-Mobile is running a Super Bowl commercial featuring Kim Kardashian West, promoting the teleco’s Data Stash plan. Kim presents what appears to be a public service announcement with a sense of self-mockery. Labelled as Kim Kardashian Famous Person, she lets viewers know that by allowing carriers to take back unused data at the end of each month they’re missing out on seeing selfies of her outfits and vacation videos. Kim announced the debut of the Kim Kardashian T-Mobile commercial on the Conan O’Brien show with a Tweetpic. “So excited! Going to be in a @TMobile ad! Only sad part was no @JohnLegere sighting. See it on @ConanOBrien tonight! ”

Kim Kardashian Data Stash

Mercedes Big Race Fable

Mercedes is running “The Big Race”, an integrated advertising campaign associated with the 2015 Super Bowl, featuring Aesop’s fable characters Tortoise and Hare. Mercedes has been building interest in the campaign over the weeks leading up to the big game, with teasers featuring former football player Jerry Rice. Mercedes has also rolled out a social extension that includes Twitter accounts for the Tortoise and the Hare and a call for viewers to show their support by tweeting either #TeamTortoise or #TeamHare. Online at, the campaign is designed to promote the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Mercedes Big Race Selfie

Budweiser Lost Dog is Found

Anheuser-Busch has released “Lost Dog”, a commercial designed for broadcast during the 2015 Super Bowl. The commercial revisits the Clydesdale trainer, played by Don Jeanes, featured in “Brotherhood” (2013) and “Puppy Love” (2014). In the lead up to the Super Bowl, the Budweiser brand launched a nationwide initiative to find the missing puppy. Consumers 21 and older can help in the search for a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl by using the hashtag – #BestBuds on Twitter. The commercial, now online, shows the trainer’s puppy dog braving traffic and wild animals to be reunited with his best buds.

Budweiser Lost Dog notice

DialDirect Notebook For Precious Time

South African insurance company DialDirect is promoting its new customer focus with “The Notebook”, a commercial designed to tug at the heart strings. A young boy discovers that his mother is so caught up with work that she doesn’t have time to even look at her invitation to attend his school play. He sets out to help around the home, recording his efforts in a note book for her inspiration. “We know how precious every minute is, that’s why we won’t waste any of yours. Dialdirect, insurance made easy.”

DialDirect Notebook boy

Facebook Just In Case Studies

Facebook recently launched “Just In Case Studies”, a series of films helping Facebook users navigate their way through the in and outs of friending, posting, tagging and keeping security tight. Each of the tutorials is presented in the context of a narrative. Titles are “How to Block Someone”, “How to Untag a Photo”, “How to Edit a Post”, “How to Share with just Friends” and “How to Change Your Password”.

How to unblock someone on Facebook