The Label Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Rethink Canada in Vancouver has helped Canadian Fair Trade Network draw attention to the people around the world working tirelessly in unsafe conditions, by adding their stories to clothing labels. The long labels on a suit jacket, sweater and hoodie carry the tag line “The Label Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story”, and the message: “It’s time for change. Buying fair-trade ensures workers are being compensated fairly and not exposed to unsafe work conditions.”

Fair Trade End Child Labour Label Doesn't Tell The Whole Story - Suit Jacket

Optus launches Netflix with Ricky Gervais

Optus in Australia is promoting its newly launched streaming deal with Netflix with an integrated advertising campaign starring British comedian Ricky Gervais. Gervais brings his own biting sense of humour to the campaign, sitting on a couch, standing in a studio, promoting himself as much as the new media service. Gervais wrote his own lines for the campaign, giving a dig at the concept of celebrity endorsement while almost willingly taking the money.

Ricky Gervais Optus Netflix couch ad

Chrysler The Performer

Chrysler is attracting attention in the Middle East with “The Performer”, an integrated advertising campaign in which Saudi Arabian Hip Hop celebrity Qusai duels musically with the new Chrysler 300C, in association with Arabs Got Talent show. The soundtrack was composed in its entirety with sounds recorded from the actual car, turning the Chrysler 300C into a real polyphonic musical instrument. Sound engineers recorded a range of sounds, from doors slamming, petrol flaps opening, to the roaring engine itself. A virtual poliphonic synthesizer called “The Perfomer” was developed to create the original track. Four 30 second documentaries document the process leading up to the launch of the Performer commercial, each serving as a teaser broadcast on TV before the reveal of the main performance. a QR code on YouTube allowed users to download and create beats and melodies on their own devices using the Performer. The innovation has also been sent to musicians and composers across the world for them to use as an instrument. A three minute tutorial video, released online, provides an introduction to the multi-patch instrument for N.I. Kontakt sampler. The Performer campaign won one Gold (Media), one Bronze (Interactive), and various shortlists at the Dubai Lynx 2015 awards.

Chrysler The Performer

Kevin Bacon and Eggs

The American Egg Board is running “Side of Kevin”, a commercial starring Kevin Bacon. The actor, known for the six degrees of separation meme, appears in the kitchen of a woman (Geneva Carr) who is preparing eggs for breakfast. Lying on the kitchen counter, Kevin deals out his encouragement for bringing together bacon and eggs. Things get a little awkward when the husband (Jeff Wiens) enters the conversation on his way out to work (to bring home the bacon, eggs and oil). The Kevin Bacon and Eggs campaign is online at, with a two minute web film, 30 second version, a behind-the-scenes film, a poster (Wake up to the strength to endure a life time of Bacon jokes), and behind-the-scenes photos.

Kevin Bacon and Eggs

Jesus Marketing Consultation

Montréal production company 1one Production is demonstrating the significance of the “Stunts Made Possible” mantra with a commercial featuring Jesus and his marketing team. The film shows Jesus turning up to meet with a marketing team considering ways to maximise earned media, moving from turning water into wine and healing of a blind man, through to walking on water. This never-before-seen footage of a historic meeting shows how a production company’s work can lead to the biggest advertising stunt of all time. See the commercial, and the behind-the-scenes video here.

Jesus marketing team