Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline

Qualcomm’s short film, Lifeline, has won the Entertainment Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia 2016 awards held in Singapore. The 30 minute Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline film is a product demo disguised as a psychological thriller. Kai, a young Chinese man who is the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, wakes up in Shanghai one morning to discover that his true love, an American woman named Emma, has vanished without a trace. Confused and distraught Kai fears she has left him until he receives a mysterious package containing Emma’s phone. Over the subsequent 30 minutes Kai must use Emma’s phone (and many of its differentiated features) to figure out what has happened to Emma, who she really is and get to the bottom of both their relationship and her disappearance. Along the way he will be forced to question his beliefs, his family and his love for Emma.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline short film

Vaseline Wonder Jelly through history

Vaseline is promoting the addition of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to all Vaseline lotions with a look back through Vaseline’s past. In 1870 Robert Cheesbrough travelled around the state of New York on a horse and cart to demonstrate the healing power of his newly invented Vaseline Wonder Jelly. He even went as far as burning his own skin to show how powerful his product was. The Vaseline Wonder Jelly commercial takes us through the uses of Vaseline in polar expeditions, the ballet, the boxing ring and in war. And so the new global positioning and tagline, “The Healing Power of Vaseline”. The commercial has won Gold at the 2016 Clio Awards.

Robert Cheesebrough in Vaseline Wonder Jelly commercial

Savant Moving Relief from Pain

Savant, a pharmaceutical company in Argentina, launched an advertising campaign connecting the painful end of romance with the quick pain relief provided by Fabogesic. “Moving”, a commercial featuring a teenage couple agonising over the girl moving away with his parents, has won Gold at the 2016 Clio Awards. “Couple” features a woman who just can’t escape the pain of having her boyfriend confess that he doesn’t love her. “Pain doesn’t have to last that long.”

Savant Moving

Robin Wood Disappearing Animals

Robin Wood is a nationwide nonviolent action group in Germany focusing on environmental activism around climate, energy, forests, mobility. The Robin Wood Disappearing Animals advertising campaign, featuring three disappearing animals, a deer, capuchin monkey and polar bear affected by habitat destruction, has won Gold for illustration at the 2016 Clio Awards. A polar bear’s back is eaten away by the effects of deep sea oil rigs and refineries on melting ice caps. A deer’s back is eaten away by deforestation. A capuchin monkey’s back is eaten away by forest fires. “Destroying nature is destroying life”, is connected with forest fires, deforestation and melting ice caps. The Robin Wood Environment posters and print ads point to Robin Wood web pages on tropical forest, deforestation, and climate change. From illegal logging and slash-and-burn clearing to the reckless overexploitation of nature, animals are vanishing from the motifs one by one. The photo-realistic illustration style, the 3D presentation and the wealth of information provided highlight the various causes of the decimation of the animal kingdom. If we destroy nature, we destroy life.

Robin Wood Disappearing Animals -Polar Bear

Otto The Letter – Christmas is inside of us all

“The Letter”, a Christmas commercial for German online retail company Otto, has won Gold at the Clio Awards. The 3D animated commercial presents the story of a young boy, Tommy, and a postman, whose lives become connected over years through a lost letter. The postman, weathered by life, sets out to fulfill the childhood Christmas wish of a boy made long ago. Otto The Letter also won Gold for animation and special effects at The Golden Award of Montreux, 2016.

Otto The Letter